Happy Juneteenth From Ben Carson

HUD director Bennie ‘The Blade’ Carson

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) tells us…

HUD hires former official at center of racial scandal

“The Department of Housing and Urban Development has hired Eric Blankenstein, the former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau official whose racially charged blog posts sparked an uproar last year. Blankenstein has been hired by HUD’s Office of General Counsel as a senior counsel working on Ginnie Mae matters, making $166,500 a year, according to people familiar with the matter.

“Democrats and civil rights activists demanded that the CFPB fire Blankenstein after the Washington Post reported in September that he had questioned the veracity of hate crimes and whether the N-word is racist, in blog posts he wrote 14 years earlier.”

You really cannot make up this stuff.

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9 Responses to Happy Juneteenth From Ben Carson

  1. From the source:

    “But what’s the Trump HUD’s excuse for hiring him after knowing full well what kind of character they were dealing with?”

    He’s been vetted and passed with a high score? If he’d thrown in a few “Heil”s or had a discreet SS tattoo, he’d have posted a perfect 100?

    Surely there’s a corollary to Betteridge’s Law to cover all these “Why does the Trump Administration keep hiring these blatantly [horrible, incompetent, criminal, racist, nazi] people?”

    To steal from Maya Angelou “Because they’re telling you who they ARE, numbnuts!”

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  2. Redhand says:

    How appropriate is it that black Ben Carson hires a white man already fired from another federal agency for notorious racism to function “as a senior counsel” as his own Dept.

    Does it get any more Uncle Tom than this? Seriously.
    Also, ins Ben Carson the most ignorant and stupid man in the Trump Administration, with the exception of Trump himself?

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  3. roket says:

    What is draining the swamp and how does it work?


    • Apparently “draining the swamp” means dumping in a bunch of raw sewage, industrial waste and mysterious chemicals from drums with a lot of skulls and crossbones plastered all over it, then dropping in a buttload of giant mutates alligators.

      At least this seems to be the method the Trump administration kakistocracy is doing it.


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