Cadet Bonespurs Drains, Refills Swamp

The Finest People

“Let me introduce myself”
Courtesy Scissorhead @AndyIsbell on Twitter

Like a common Boeing 737 Max, Acting Secretary of Defense and former Boeing lobbyist Patrick Shanahan’s candidacy to become the permanent SOD exploded and all hands were lost:

“President Donald Trump said Tuesday that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has “decided not to go forward with his confirmation process.” Shanahan’s withdrawal was announced shortly after the Washington Post published a report detailing a violent incident in 2011 in which his son attacked his own mother with a baseball bat…

“In court filings, Shanahan’s ex-wife Kimberley accused him of hitting her during a dispute at their home in August 2010.

A police officer who responded to the dispute noted that “Patrick had a black eye and a bloody nose” and that Kimberley did not have “any visible marks” on her, though Kimberley told the officer Patrick struck her several times in the stomach, according to a police incident report.”

He wants to spend more time with his family, per Prznint Stupid, which may be the accidentally funniest thing that dolt has ever said. (Aside: there is NOTHING funny about domestic violence.)

Where does he find all these fine people?

So we are still 6 months without a Secretary of Defense as Bolton continues to sabre rattle with Iran. So we got that going for us!

Cadet Bonespurs is nominating noted Raytheon lobbyist and current Secretary of the Army Mark Esper to be the (Acting) Secretary of Defense, so that swamp ain’t draining itself.


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5 Responses to Cadet Bonespurs Drains, Refills Swamp

  1. At this point isn’t he he Acting Acting Defense Secretary?


  2. So many bad thespians in this administration.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    “Hello. I’m not really a Secretary of Defense, I just play one on TV. And whenever I have friends drop into DC, to see the sights, and collect mosquito bites, I have them stay at the Trump International Hotel. It makes the Hays-Adams look like a Howard Johnson’s, and if the guests are really, really lucky, they can often catch a glimpse of “The Big Guy” himself, which is what we like to call the President. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a war with Iran to plan for……..coming, Mr. Bolton!”


  4. Redhand says:

    The family dysfunction here was pretty horrible. There are reports that the son attacked mom with a baseball bat leaving her with, among other things, a concussion or fractured skull! She apparently had major substance abuse and rage issues of her own.

    For this reason I have more sympathy for Shanahan than I might otherwise. One can imagine the scrutiny a full nomination as SECDEF would have drawn. And it might, by comparison, have raised new questions about Trump’s own hideous family life.

    Still, there is a pathetic poignancy to the “spend more time with his family” excuse trotted out here. Maybe it’s the first time ever that the excuse was actually true!

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  5. robginchicago says:

    A few days ago, NY Times carried an article about DOD assisted cyber attacks on Russia’s power grid. Trump immediately called the NY Times report “fake news”, and hurriedly called his BFF Vladimir to tell him that the reports were false and that he would never do anything like that against Putin or Russia. NY Times contacted officials within the defense and intelligence community, none of whom denied the accuracy of the NY Times report. It then emerged that DOD and the intelligence community had done this without first telling Trump, figuring he’d stop them or warn Putin. They were probably right, and Trump was outraged and embarrassed. I said to myself then that Shanahan’s nomination to Secretary of Defense was toast and that it would soon be announced that he was withdrawing his bid for Sec.Def., and would be spending more time with his family. I don’t believe for one nanosecond that 7 to 9 year old family abuse allegations had anything to do with his withdrawal. Trump hates OTHERS making him look like a fool, so he had to go, and he went.

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