Trump Admin: Deny Climate Change For the Children

Prznint Stupid has a plan for Climate Change (Hat tip: Scissorhead D-Cap)

Hey guys, remember William Happer? You know, the nutty guy who compared sweet innocent and healthful carbon dioxide to the jews during the Holocaust? What’s he been up to lately?


“Trump administration national security official repeatedly consulted with, and sought advice from, a climate change-denial think tank regarding federal energy policy and strategies to influence the public perception of carbon emissions, according to emails acquired by the Environmental Defense Fund under the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

“The emails, exchanged over the course of a year between William Happer, a member of the National Security Council, and advisors at the Heartland Institute, a libertarian public policy think tank, show requests from the administration to consult on a document that attempts to “knock down climate change,” according to the Associated Press.”

OK, now admittedly it is not news that Prznint Stupid loves him some carbon, and more importantly loves the Ameros that all the extraction industries generate, and frankly loves Crown Prince Bone Saw (and his oil Ameros) and would like to be him, especially if he got to debone the entire WaPo masthead and dispose of the remains have a barbecue on the front lawn. But I digress.

Anyway, Happer it seems was really upset with NASA’s administrator Jim Bridenstine, who has gone apostate since leading the agency and now believes that climate change is real and man-made:

“One email, also obtained by the AP, from May of 2018 shows Happer discussing NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine’s “puzzling” acceptance of climate change. The email, which Bridenstine was included on, called rising sea levels and temperature changes “part of the nonsense” and asked NASA to “systematically sidestep it.”

“In another email to NASA deputy administrator James Morhard, Harper wrote that he did not like that the agency’s website said climate change was man-made.

“I’m concerned that many children are being indoctrinated by this bad science,” wrote Happer.”

Deny climate change for the children? The same ones who will end up living underground and become Morlocks because the earth will be uninhabitable? Them?!

So who is this libertarian Heartland Group that Happer consults while on duty with the freakin’ National Security Council?

“Heartland’s mission statement makes the institute’s pro-industry position clear: “Radical environmental groups, greedy investor-owned utilities, and liberal billionaires are working together to shut down perfectly good coal-powered electricity generation across America,” it reads.

“It’s the equivalent to formulating anti-terrorism policy by consulting with groups that deny terrorism exists,” Matthew Nisbet, a professor of environmental communication and public policy at Northeastern University told the AP.”

But before we dismiss this obvious grifting, we turn our eye to our Stable Genius to see what the state of the Climate Change Denial art is:

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  2. roket says:

    Obstruction is all they have. Bigly.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    If carbon emissions are so great, why don’t these creeps go and suck on a tailpipe?


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