Great Design, Cont.

Supermarket Uses Embarrassing Plastic Bags So Customers Will Remember Their Reusable Ones
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One supermarket in the Canadian city of Vancouver has gone to innovative and humorous lengths to ensure their customers think long and hard about their plastic bag use.

Those who want to get a single use plastic bag from independent grocery store East West Market will have to endure some pretty embarrassing slogans, making for a red-faced dash home.

It’s a pretty great idea, but I suspect it won’t really reduce plastic usage because spitballers like us would probably buy the damn bags and walk around proudly.

Only guessing, of course. (But not really.)

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  1. moeman says:

    Beats having one’s (Mexico-grown) avocados bagged in a maga hat.

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  2. I feel like a concerned parents group can easily put an end to this, lol! Although, this is Canada. Maybe it’s different for them. 😂


  3. julesmomcat says:

    My favorite large poly bag says, “One Cat Short of Crazy,” and it gets used on every shopping trip.

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  4. Is that “Into the Weird” bag based on a real place? Asking for a friend…

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  5. I suspect it won’t really reduce plastic usage because spitballers like us would probably buy the damn bags and walk around proudly.

    Damn straight, skippy! But (dramatic twist) we’d keep ’em and carefully re-use ’em!

    My reusable bags were mostly acquired through AS&S years ago as misprints and print over-runs so in addition to the obligatory Trader Joes bags, I have one advertising some large family re-union, a hearing aid dealer, a big one that says ‘Nursing is my bag’ and an insurance company in (I think) Minnesota.

    AS&S: (They’re also Friends of Archie’s, selling several of their items, like squirrel underwear)

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  6. E.A. Blair says:

    I use nylon bags sold under the brand name Chico Bags (not a paid endorsement). I like them because they have little drawstring pouches sewn into the insides and when you’re not using them, you turn them inside out and stuff them into the pouch. There’s a mini carabiner so you can clip them onto a belt loop or cart, and they don’t occupy a lot of space in a decently sized pocket.

    I use things like empty cat food and cat litter and other bags for trash, and I have two wastebaskets that have tabs for engaging the handles of the plastic grocery bags to support them as liners. So there is no such thing as a single use bag in my home, because they either get repurposed as wastebasket liners or recycled back at the market.

    That being said, I am way more embarrased to be seen carrying a Wal-Mart bag than I would be with one from Into The Weird, The Colon Clinic or Wart Ointment Wholsale.

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    • MDavis says:

      My first thought was “those things are suitable for framing!”

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      • tengrain says:

        I had a collage wall in college, where I pinned up all the strange ephemera I found. My parties were always strangely motionless as people would peruse the wall, in spite of my best mixtape efforts, and mad blender-drink skills.



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      • MDavis says:

        That… must’ve been some collection. I usually have to manufacture my own strange ephemera. They usually don’t get a lot of perusal.


      • Bruce388 says:

        I had one souvenir from my first summer at a very famous ketchup plant: A sign stating “Spitting is Positively Prohibited” adorned my dorm wall for the next three years.

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  7. LOL, Looks like either a LOT of folks think like us Spitballers, to there a re a LOT more of us than I thought!

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  9. mamadillo says:

    Back in the early 70’s I worked for a state office for dependent or delinquent juveniles. My office was directly across the hall from the two courtrooms. My desk had a candy jar (labeled as donations welcome) and a wall full of all the cartoons I’d enjoyed. I was always surprised by the number of attorneys and judges that stopped in, dropped a nickel in the candy jar, and then spent whatever time they had before their hearing to catch up on the funny and/or political odds and ends on my wall.

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