Comrade Stupid’s 5-Year Agricultural Reform Ahead of Schedule!

You Betcha, buddy.

Before heading off to Iowa, Tariffman told us that farmers will totally do him a solid in the 2020 Goat Rodeo, in spite of his easy-to-win Trade Wars totally destroying their livelihoods, totally losing their markets to Brazil, and totally requiring multiple, multi-billion-dollar bailouts.

“You owe me, bigly,” The Russian Usurper didn’t say, “you’re all socialists now.”


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3 Responses to Comrade Stupid’s 5-Year Agricultural Reform Ahead of Schedule!

  1. Naaah, some of ’em will blame the Chinese for that damned “Stanley Kubrick directed the fake moon landing on location” level Global Warming Hoax.

    Also so long as they get their welfare salt-o-the earth real Murrican fuckyeah! payments they don’t care.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    One of the few “good things” that’s happening as a result of tRump’s actions, both on and off the “battlefield” in his highly vaunted Trade Wars is the solidarity that many of these farmers are demonstrating. For instance, there have been several recent auctions of family farms, with the family standing there, dazed and confused, while their friends and neighbors have agreed to NOT bid on anything, and to stifle anyone who dares to. This results in a.) VERY pissed-off auctioneers and banksters, and b.) a somewhat happy farm family that gets to keep the land they and their ancestors have farmed for generations. Well, at least until the next crisis, anyway.


  3. YellowDog says:

    Clearly, he has to destroy capitalism in order to save it. Meanwhile, a Fox commentator questions why giving money (bailouts) to poor people (farmers) would help them; why would they want to work (farm)?


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