Fine Dining, Cont.

Are franchises available? Asking for a friend.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Dennis Cole)

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15 Responses to Fine Dining, Cont.

  1. damn, now I am hungry….


  2. Diane says:

    I want one.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Do they take Visa?


  4. Lsamsa says:

    Oh please come here, along with that wit & attitude and fabulous grilled cheese.


  5. julesmomcat says:

    Talk about ‘honesty’! LOL!


  6. Catherine Riley says:

    I swear, this is the job for my husband.

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  7. FlemmishSpy says:



  8. JTO says:

    So, can I get it grilled medium, but with grill-marks, and how many can I buy for 3 bucks, thirty-five – on gluten free artisan bakery bread and with locally-sourced, reduced lactose queso?

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  9. Karla says:

    I can’t quite make out the sign in the window or the one at the back that’s headed “That’s Enough” but I certainly wish I could.
    I want this guy in my neighborhood. I’d love to stand outside and hear his response with people getting on his last nerve.

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    • si says:

      I can’t make out the one in the window but under that’s enough it says “if you need a drink go to a place that sells drinks”.

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    • Lsamsa says:

      I couldn’t either…but being incredibly persistent I went to his Twitter account & clicked on the pics & then embiggened them on screen with ctrl + and voila, instant hilarity.
      (there might be a simpler way to do this, but I’m not on Twitter, so I’m unfamiliar with the workings)
      This guy is a hoot! Check out all the pics…there’s one of the other side of the truck & it’s priceless. (I’d tell you here, but it’s a tad long & my memory just isn’t up to the task anymore.)


  10. Dennis Cole says:

    Maybe we need a new category – Tough Love, Sales & Marketing Division


  11. Michael McMurtrey says:

    Can I get chips with that?

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