Trump: ‘Buenos Showshoes, Amoebas!’ (Trade Wars, Cont.)

“K-Pasta, amoebas!”

Yesterday, Hair Füror took some time out from his busy schedule of grifting and making the press orgasm on D-Day—and bashing his political foes with Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS, er, Laura Ingraham literally within sight of the Normandy American Cemetery—to threaten Mexico: “We’ve told Mexico, ‘the tariffs go on,’ and I mean it too. I’m very happy with it.”

The negotiations between Mexican and US broke up without any resolution. Allegedly, negotiators discussed “the outlines of a deal that would dramatically increase Mexico’s immigration enforcement efforts and give the United States far more latitude to deport Central Americans seeking asylum.”

Mexico, in a show of good faith, has stepped up pressure against Central American migrants: about 600 migrants walking on a highway in southern Mexico were intercepted. White bread and soul dead Stephan Miller, Hair Füror’s pocket Nazi, is about the only person smiling at this turn of events.

The paperwork to initiate tariffs must be signed by noon EST today for the tariffs to begin on Monday, with no details about how that is supposed to actually work. No one has told the importers what products will be taxed and by how much, and the inspectors at the borders don’t have any information about how to calculate how much and on what products.

Comrade Trump loves it when his plan comes together!

So we got Trade Wars No. 2 now going for us.

On D-Day all this happened. Eiron, the Goddess of Irony, probably needs to switch to decaf.

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4 Responses to Trump: ‘Buenos Showshoes, Amoebas!’ (Trade Wars, Cont.)

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    “Punishing” Mexico by imposing new taxes on American citizens, because that’s how stupid works.

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    • Possum Hollar is gonna just Loooove it when their new pickmeup trucks cost almost 3K more, vegetables soar in price (oh I know, I know, only those libtard hippies on the coast eat vegetables) and Walmart starts raising prices…

      But hey, we got a couple bucks back from the Great Tax Cut, Right?!

      Narrator: No we did not. In fact OUR taxes went up!

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  2. roket says:

    Unintended consequences. Let us count the ways. Here we go with the known knowns, unknown knowns and unknown unknows again. One will probably be the war on drugs morphs into the war on drugs and human trafficking. The sovereign nation of Mexico is confronted by a nuclear behemoth and who steps in to save Mexico? Why Russia of course. Probably.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      My buddy Jim Wright, who blogs at Stonekettle Station:

      “Wonder what would happen if Mexico decided to put a tariff on all American products until the US did something about illegal drug usage among American citizens, a problem that directly causes massive crime and violence in Mexico.”
      -Stonekettle tweet

      I think 50% to start would be a good beginning.


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