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Our Stable Genius

I guess our Stable Genius just-now figured out that when Rupert Murdoch sold off Fox assets that meant that now there is no version of Pravda across the pond, and therefore no ass-kissing Fox News:

“stoped” —Stupid really wroted stoped; er, wrote that.

What a dope.

OK, so aside from the idiocy of his genius, there is something so off-putting about the alleged prznint suggesting a boycott of an American Company because he is at war with one of its numerous subsidiaries.

This is not normal.

But then again, he also tried to sic the Justice Department on AT&T to stop the merger, which was also completely not normal and backfired.

But you know, it’s just the way he rolls.

After he attacked Nike for hiring Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson, Nike saw a YUGE and prolonged spike in their profits. I’m not saying we should invest in AT&T, but you can rarely go wrong by doing exactly the opposite of what he says.

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4 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. MDavis says:

    I had to go looking for the supposed “huge ratings drop”. Turns out, with the election over people didn’t watch as much, ahem, “news”.
    Which just shows I took the bait, because the news here is another example of abuse of power, innit?


  2. Pyed says:

    Between a prick with Trump’s name and an affirmation of the reality of climate change mowed into the grass adjacent to Air Force One’s landing runway, nasty memes about Shitler projected on the Tower of London and Big Ben, and the Baby Trump Blimp cleared to fly, America’s Talking Rectum just may be happy to be back in the arms of CNN after this trip to Merry Old England.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    What REALLY got his knickers in a twist was not being able to watch Faux Newz, which is banned in the UK, for being less than truthful in many of its assertions, er, the propaganda arm of the GOP, er, a bat-shit crazy imitation of journalism. We’re seeing in real-time what happens when lil donny doesn’t get his constant dosages of flattery and reinforcement, not to mention the Hawt Topics of the day that gritty journalists like Hannity and Carlson spew to remind Hair Furor where the REAL problems lie. (pun intended)

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  4. roket says:


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