Trump Tries To Run Out The Clock

There are no big hands when it is Trump Time!


“Trump and attorneys for the House committees that ordered Deutsche Bank, the president’s biggest creditor, and Capital One to turn over years of the president’s financial information jointly asked Southern District Court Judge Edgardo Ramos to delay enforcement of the subpoenas while an appeal is expedited through the courts. Ramos agreed to the request on Monday.”

There is a very smart piece up at Medium that tells us what might be the strategy that the Democrats are following, and it has everything to do with timing:

Trump’s ability to run out the clock could be used against him. For instance, if the Democrats want to play a long game, they’ll do their best against the stonewalling knowing that they can at least keep the issue before the public through the narrow period of time before the primaries or even throughout 2020. Congress could develop articles of impeachment easily enough and set up a trial in the Senate that goes into the new year up to and even into the primaries in which case Trump will be dogged by fresh accusations throughout his quest for the nomination. That’s important because he has challengers in the GOP. So, the key for the Dems is not taking the bait and impeaching too early. Trump knows this too and as time goes by expect his behavior to become more egregious.

It also notes that there are 22 Republican seats “up for grabs” and speculates that it could backfire against the GOP, if  “that looks like a sham [trial in the senate] in the face of hard evidence might agitate the electorate,” so we got that working for us too, also.

The piece goes on to explain this in terms of Mohammed Ali’s infamous rope-a-dope boxing strategy:

The Dems already appear to be taking a page from Ali’s book. They’re letting the other side exhaust itself, and the public, doing more and more outrageous things, some of which are clearly against the law. At the same time, each new assault on the Constitution adds to the case they are building.

I have no idea if this is the real calculus, but it does make a kind of grim sense, certainly much better than taking impeachment off the table entirely. Or maybe I’m just another drowning man swimming to a sinking ship?

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5 Responses to Trump Tries To Run Out The Clock

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Breaking News!!
    No, I’m totally serious this time:

    I just now (approx 8:15 Wed. morning,) got a news flash that Robert Mueller III has resigned from the Justice Dep’t., and can now testify anywhere and at any time AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN!!!1!

    So I’m looking for both sides to ramp-up the fight, but I won’t entertain the fantasy that the Dims might finally take the gloves off, and bare-knuckle it. Nope, dainty is as dainty does, and we wouldn’t want to appear uncivilized, now would we?

    So, what should they have been doing all along? Having a major press conference at least once a week, to point out the lack of legislating in the Senate, and to loudly point fingers at Mitch the Bitch. It’s still not too late, but it’s a tactic they should utilize all the way up to the election.

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    • Astamari says:

      Don’t know if you saw Mueller’s DOJ speech this AM (first time I had ever heard his voice) but, yes, he did say he would resign but he also said he had nothing more to say to Congress (or the public) that is not already in the report. That said, he did not give a “Shermanesque” refusal so mebbe he will do a closed door session but I doubt it.

      More importantly, he made it pretty explicitly clear that the only reason he didn’t indict the Orange Shitgibbon on multiple accounts of obstruction of justice is because the Nixon Era OLC ruling said “Nah-ah. Can’t do that.”

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        Yeah, I just got the flash from both Yahoo and the WaPo, but I didn’t delve into the details – which is where the Devil resides, as we well know. The guy is just TOO professional; he did his duty as he was instructed, and laid out all the evidence he acquired, for Congress to do as they should – ITMFA.
        But I was hoping that he, of all people, would be more than willing to sidestep that pesky OLC guideline, and call for a conviction, or an indictment, or SOMETHING.


  2. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. We have to hope our Democratic leaders have some clue about what they are doing or we have to admit we are lost with no hope. The Republicans like to claim they have the correct answers to everything and the Democrats are idiot morons. I would like to see the Republicans proved wrong on this. This is a war for the direction of the countries future, and I have to think our side has a few generals who have a strategy for winning. Hugs

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  3. roket says:

    I trust someone is keeping a list of the crimes he’s committed that will be waiting for him after his term is over. I’m positive it will be a very long list of high crimes and misdemeanors.

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