Pence’s Bad Faith

The Virgin Mayor of Keg City, Brett Kavanaugh, left the kegger at Squi’s house, and ruled in the majority today on his first forced birth case:

In 2016, while serving as the governor of Indiana, Vice President Mike Pence signed an anti-abortion law that appears designed to troll liberals and give late night fodder to Fox News.

Among other things, the law banned abortions if the doctor “knows that the pregnant woman is seeking” an abortion “solely” because of the fetus’ sex, race, disability or a handful of other protected traits. As a federal appeals court explained, this law violates “well-established Supreme Court precedent holding that a woman may terminate her pregnancy prior to viability, and that the State may not prohibit a woman from exercising that right for any reason.” Nevertheless, it’s easy to see how a Supreme Court fight over this law could have launched a thousand bad faith attacks accusing abortion supporters of racial genocide.

OK, so that’s good! So what makes this newsworthy?

The Supreme Court upheld a minor provision of Pence’s trolly law, but it did so on exceedingly narrow grounds. That provision “altered the manner in which abortion providers may dispose of fetal remains” to prevent “incineration of fetal remains along with surgical byproducts.”

Yup, this was the you-must-give-the-zygote-a-funeral clause. Damn close to religion there.

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9 Responses to Pence’s Bad Faith

  1. I think you also get the option of having the fetus pickled and stored in a jar, like Santorum did.

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  2. Boris says:

    Make sure one opts for the once in a lifetime (SWIDT) funeral

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  3. moeman says:

    That lady creature has way too many fingers.

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  4. donnah says:

    The Right-to-Lifers will continue to whittle away at Roe v Wade in any possible manner. It’s happened often here in Ohio, where they have written and prepared countless bills to undermine decided law. They’ll never stop, and so we can never stop fighting them. And they fight dirty, and so must we.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    “Today the Court let another unwarranted restriction on abortion stand. While this ruling is limited, the law is part of a larger trend of state laws designed to stigmatize and drive abortion care out of reach,” Jennifer Dalven, Director of the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, said in a statement.

    And at 7 – 2 the ruling wasn’t even close, so let’s hear from one of those who dissented – Good Old kindhearted Justice Thomas:
    Justice Clarence Thomas, in a concurring opinion, wrote that “further percolation” of the issue was necessary but made clear that he is inclined to uphold Indiana’s ban. OK, got it. Must. Let. This. Percolate. In. My. Fabulous. Mind. “This law and other laws like it promote a state’s compelling interest in preventing abortion from becoming a tool of modern-day eugenics,” he wrote. (Italics mine.)

    So. “Modern-day eugenics.” As opposed to Dr. Mengele’s WWII experiments, I suppose? I have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere in DC there is a pizza-parlor with no basement where “they” are practicing these modern-day Eugenics in the basement.

    All I can say is that these modern-day Eugenics are not working so well, judging from the people I encounter at my local Wal-Mart, every time I go shopping there.


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