Am I Blue?

Jacaranda Trees In Bloom in Los Angeles (LAist)

If you’ve never been lucky enough to witness Jacaranda trees in bloom, this long article in LAist (which is NOT behind the LATimes paywall) will give you a history of the trees and how they came to California.

I will mention, just for the sake of home-town pride, that these trees are also all over the Bay Area, and the person who seemingly made them popular up and down the state was from Oakland.

One grandparent in SoCal used to have fancy cocktail parties in the patio under the shade of the blooming Jacarandas in spring, and I cannot think of anything finer.

I’ve read that everyone should have a mental image of something beautiful and soothing to focus on when times are bad, to calm the mind and so on. The Jacaranda in full glory is a very worthy candidate.

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7 Responses to Am I Blue?

  1. donnah says:

    Lovely! I have seen them in bloom and it was a treat, just like seeing the cherry blossoms in DC. They’re that perfect blend of blue and purple, and we don’t have them here in Ohio. Thanks for sharing the view!


  2. Pretty much my favorite tree ever – and when I lived in LA, or visited frequently, this was my favorite time of year. ❤


  3. Virginia says:

    Such lovely trees. We were in Mexico City a year ago and they were blooming there. Wonderful shade of that blueish violet, the boulevards with flowers and greenery and the jacarandas above are images I have in my brain forever.


  4. JDM says:

    A few years ago we went to Buenos Aires for a month and the jacarandas were out, quite a few on many streets. We thought we were lucky to have caught the tail end of the blossoms, but it turned out it was just starting. Made for a nice extra benefit to the stay.


  5. M. Bouffant says:

    Just to be picky, LAist is owned & operated by KPCC, Pasadena’s N.P.R. station. Which probably explains the lack of a paywall.


  6. MDavis says:

    One of my soothing mental images is tropical-rain-forest-centric. Picture a nice water-hardy tree. Not cedars, they have ways of keeping the interlopers off, acid bark and wood and whatnot, but maybe a nice alder.
    On that alder, branches regularly coated by rain and mist, grows moss. The moss drapes, a green curtain.
    From the moss sprouts ferns. reaching up for the rain an a cloudy place that other plants find gloomy. The interplay of greens and neutrals sparkles – it’s the water, picking up what sun therre is.
    And a whole grove is like that.
    In fact, I think all of my soothing images are from that temperate rain-forest.
    Excuse me – I think I need to go think about this.

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  7. Karla says:

    Thanks to climate change, I may soon be able to grow my own in the Orlando area. Previously, I was warned off them because they can’t handle a freeze. We haven’t had a freeze the past 2 years.


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