Alabama Wants Moore More, Morans!

Judge Roy Moore HQs

The Mason-Dixon poll tells us:

“…Jones’s re-election chances will be affected by who he draws as his Republican challenger in 2020. Currently, Roy Moore – who Jones defeated in 2017 – is the top choice of GOP voters. Statewide, 27% of Republicans support Moore as the nominee, ahead of three current Congressmen – Mo Brooks at 18%, Bradley Byrne at 13% and Gary Palmer at 11%. Del Marsh (4%) and Tim James (2%) trial the field and a significant 25% are undecided.

“Moore could finish first in the GOP primary, but will likely have a much more difficult time winning a run-off. His current lead is largely a result of his name recognition advantage over others in the field, standing at about 20-points over Brooks, 40-points over Byrne and 50- points over Palmer. Those cushions will evaporate once the campaign begins in earnest.

“Moore also remains a divisive figure among Republican voters, with 34% having a favorable opinion of him but 29% holding an unfavorable view. All of the other potential candidates only have single-digit unfavorable name recognition.”

We’ve said it before: Senator Doug Jones is the luckiest bastard in US politics.

(Care2 has a nice summary of Moore’s career, and asks Alabamians to please not do this.)

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5 Responses to Alabama Wants Moore More, Morans!

  1. R White says:

    Alabamians have always been fiercely determined to do the exact opposite of what’s decent and right with any given issue. If enough people have factual claims that Moore is a pedophile and incompetent jurist, then in the eyes of your average white Alabamian, he is the victim of an underground liberal movement within a state that closely resembles a banana republic.

    The only way Jones keeps that seat is if Moore is the candidate and enough minorities outdo the normal voting trends.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    With racism, religion, Moore, and antiabortion issues, Alabama is steadily maintaining its position as “Most Ignorant” of all 50 states. Great job, ‘Bama! “Roll, Red Tide!”

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Death before, or after abortion, but “there’s nothing wrong with Pedophilia. Good old amerikan values there.


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