Trump Problem: Midwest Ain’t Great Again (Yet)?

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) suggests that there might be some question about the Rust Belt wearing Comrade Trump’s MAGA hat:

“President Donald Trump’s aides and allies are moving aggressively to shore up his support in three Rust Belt states that propelled him to the presidency — but where his own polling shows him in trouble heading into 2020.

“Trump will travel to Pennsylvania Monday for a rally that comes after recent visits to Wisconsin and Michigan, two other states at the center of his reelection strategy. Those appearances are just the most public display of his team’s efforts to fortify his standing.

We note that the YouTube above is the defunct Bethlehem Steel World HQ in Pennsylvania. We include it only for illustration purposes.

“Behind the scenes, they’ve rushed to the aid of languishing state Republican Party machines and have raised concerns that a potential GOP Senate candidate in Michigan could hurt the president’s prospects there. They are also scrutinizing the map for opportunities to fire up his base in the trio of states.

In other words, in addition to losing the farming states in the midwest, he’s also losing the manufacturing states in the midwest.

“The moves come at a time of growing anxiety over the geographic linchpin of his 2020 hopes. The Trump campaign recently completed a 17-state polling project that concluded the president trails Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, according to two people briefed on the results. America First Action, the principal pro-Trump super PAC, is expected to conduct its own polling and focus groups in Pennsylvania and Michigan later this summer.”

Axios morning email thingie also has some info on Prznint Stupid’s campaign plans (emphasis is theirs along with the enigmatic use of bullets):

What’s new: President Trump plans to formally launch his re-election campaign next month, likely with a burst of swing-state rallies, Republican sources tell me.

  • Why it matters: Trump’s personal campaign approach is aimed at sowing further division in the huge Democratic field, and trying to dominate the news so the national discussion hovers on his turf.

What’s next: In conversations, Trump makes it clear that he thinks of the official kickoff as June 16 — four years to the day since he rode down the gold escalator in Trump Tower to announce his improbable 2016 run.

  • That date is Father’s Day this year, so look for events around that date, not necessarily on it.
  • One ignition plan calls for a cluster of Make America Great Again rallies, although nothing has been finalized.

Be smart: Watch for Trump and his campaign to try to sap attention from Democratic debates with their own counter-programming.

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5 Responses to Trump Problem: Midwest Ain’t Great Again (Yet)?

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Wait, hasn’t he been campaigning for re-election since like, Jan. 21, 2017? And lately his “pressers” have resembled campaign rallies to the point where they’re indistinguishable. But I suppose we have to have an “official” starting date, so why not combine it with the phantasmagorical 4th of July celebration he’s planning? It’s only about 2 weeks later than the middle of June, which if memory serves is just about the beginning of the “slow-news summer.”

    Hell, let’s just make EVERY day “tRump Appreciation Day.”


  2. Nangleator says:

    That’s really • weird.

    On the other hand, props to the company that performed the enormous metaphorical implosion. I imagine you start out with double entendres and similes on gradually larger buildings until you get to the really ennui-producing metaphors of that emotional impact.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    The New York Times had their weekly (daily?) article about how blue collar workers in Youngstown OH still love Trump even though he hasn’t done squat for them. Here’s hoping his electoral problems are real.

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  4. We’re returning (Writing from a Motel 6 in Albuquerque…taking that famous left toin tomorrow!) from an unexpected journey into the heart of darkness rural western Ohio for a family issue, and we didn’t see a single farmer’s field planted. Hell they were fallow all the way down to Arkansas.

    That part of Ohio is basically a duo culture: corn and soybeans. The Chinese Hoax means they got too much rain to plant corn yet (they learned their lesson last year; I was told they planted it three times, and each time it got washed out by too much rain) and the Easy To Win Chinese Trade War has killed the soybean market. Mrs. Desertrat figures they’re just switching to welfare king ‘gummint support’ mode and pulling in a check to not plant anything,

    Very few redhats were sighted and only a single Trump 2020 sign. It was rotten with them last summer when we were there.

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    • MDavis says:

      You went into the actual Trump territory, though, so maybe campaign signs are a sign? I hear an uncomfortable echo of Peggy, though…


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