GOP: Holla-holla for a dollah!

RNC Workin’ the Pole.

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Republicans will accept money from anyone (small, unmarked bills in non-sequential numbers preferred). And even though sometimes the money is from an unsavory source (like, say, another Republican!) they will still take it.

Anyway, I’m old enough to remember when in 2018 the entire GOP was shocked and outraged that RNC Finance Chairman billionaire Steve Wynn of casino fame, one of their biggest donors, was caught sexually abusing and harassing his employees! No, no, a step to far for the Family Values team! and they returned his Ameros and You’re Fired’ed him.

Crisis over, amirite?

No I am not!

“The national Republican Party has accepted nearly $400,000 in donations from disgraced ex-casino mogul Steve Wynn — a move that comes just over a year after he was accused of sexually harassing or assaulting employees over a decade-long period.

“Wynn gave $248,500 to the Republican National Committee and $150,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee in April, according to two people familiar with the contributions. The donations are set to be disclosed publicly later this month…

“RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel defended the organization’s decision to accept the funds, arguing that none of the investigations into Wynn established that the billionaire had broken the law.

“While we must take any allegations like these seriously, everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence and due process. Over the last year and a half, multiple investigations into the allegations against Steve Wynn have concluded. Throughout this entire process, Steve has repeatedly and unequivocally denied wrongdoing, and he has not been charged with or found guilty of any crimes,” McDaniel said in a statement. “At this point, there is no reason for refusing his support.”


Part of that not being found guilty of any crimes included Wynn stepping down from his own company, fined “$20 million by the Nevada Gaming Commission for ignoring employee complaints,”  and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission reporting how Wynn Resorts “worked to conceal internal complaints made about Wynn, including one from an employee who told a supervisor that the mogul raped her in a massage room.

Other than that, Ronna ROMNEY McDaniels, you know, he’s a choir boy you could trust around your teenage daughters.

“Why, what are they wearing?,” Wynn didn’t ask as one of his hands did not twitch.

We conclude with a tweet, as is our custom these days:

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8 Responses to GOP: Holla-holla for a dollah!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Dirty money, you say? Filthy lucre? Blood money? Say no more, it’s ALL welcome here at RNC headquarters! Any taint can be safely “washed” and removed -we’re EXPERTS at this! Why, we’ve been known to wear out bill-counting machines at a pace that rivals BofA or Wells Fargo. (Note: deductible as a Cost-of-Doing-Bidness expense.) Besides, as well – Rubles exchanged for Ameros while you wait! (For a limited time only.)

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  2. roket says:

    Yet another example of IOKIYAR. I presume these ‘donations’ may also be considered a bribe.

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    • FELINE MAMA says:

      There’s a VERY thin line, I would say they’re synonymous, between donations & bribes. Esp. in politics. My opinion.

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  3. My first thought was “How do they make any money from this ‘Tears of a Clown’ cruise?” The Snake Oil industry has progressed far beyond my understanding. Now, the rubes fleece themselves.

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  4. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. When you worship power and have no legitimate way to stay near your god, you have to do the deals with the devil route. Hugs

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  5. Infidel753 says:

    “At this point, there is no reason for refusing his support.”

    Of course not. Having gone all-in with President Pussygrabber, they’re in no position to be fastidious. Especially when it means giving up some cash.

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