News That Will Drive You To Drink

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Do it for the children

Shorter Don Boys (former Indiana lawmaker who attempted to recriminalize sodomy): “So how gay are you, Mayor Pete? Uh, asking for a friend?”

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8 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Astamari says:

    Not even going ther.

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  2. E.A. Blair says:

    I used to have that switch plate in my bedroom when I was a kid, before my parents realized that I wasn’t going to grow up to be a good Cat’lick. When the standard switch was replaced with a dimmer, instead of the phallic light switch there was a big round knob.

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  3. paul fredine says:

    boys seems to have done his research. wonder how much was ‘first hand’ (i.e. first one hand then the other)?

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    “Since studies show that about half of homosexuals were seduced into perversion by age 14, I wonder if Pete would totally renounce and repudiate such a revolting practice. Just a simple disavowal with appropriate disgust thrown in will suffice.”

    Studies, you say? But not which studies, or from where. So it’s just a statistic you pulled from your nether regions, I suspect. And there ought to be a Law against perverting innocent yutes.

    Since homosexuals do many dangerous things it seems wise, considerate, thoughtful, and loving to suggest they cease such dangerous activities. After all, we strongly suggest that one should not smoke, eat much red meat, not drink, and not gain weight since those are deadly activities. Why is it unreasonable, unkind, or untoward to demand the same of homosexual candidates?”

    Oh, those foolhardy, thrill-seeking homos, when will they stop? This guy is really pent-up and full of something, and he seems to have it in abundance, just like a current Preznit I could name.

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  5. Bruce388 says:

    How heterosexual is Don Boys?


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