Humpty Dumpty Won’t Sit On Comrade Stupid’s Wall

There are some design flaws in the wall.

The WaPo reports that Prznint Stupid is micromanaging the Tortilla Curtain in an effort to ensure that it is “physically imposing but also aesthetically pleasing.” Who says fascism must always be ugly? Those SS Uniforms were quite stylish, amiright?

Now we know from interviews with Charles Leerhsen, his Art of the Deal ghostwriter, that our stable genius Oompa Loompa was always more interested in the surface details and not the actual product (style over substance: “If it was very visible, he got very involved,” per Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization executive), and spent days fondling fabric samples in his wee fingers instead of learning how airlines work (for instance). So what style choices is he making? A stately manor-style wall, perhaps, or a nice cozy country cottage picket fence?

Not exactly! Think Mordor!

Hair Füror allegedly wants a giant, metal fence and he wants to paint the metal black so that it radiates heat as well as hate, and has sharp spikes on top that would cut the hands of climbers. Probably the first time he has ever thought about function over form!

Anyway, he has “demanded” that D.H.S. officials come to the White House to discuss the project with him, allegedly bugging recently You’re Fired’ed DHS secretary Elsa, She Wolf of the SS, er, Kirstjen Nielsen about it, and insisted that engineers change their design from a 15 foot number to a 30-foot structure. Given that he changes his damn mind every few minutes tho, he must be making the builders crazy, and you know that the cost keeps escalating with each new brain fart he comes up with.

But that’s OK: He’s not paying for it, we are.

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10 Responses to Humpty Dumpty Won’t Sit On Comrade Stupid’s Wall

  1. Bruce388 says:

    If Fred Trump (R-Klansman) built that swing set for his children it would explain a lot.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Yeah, I’ve read several articles today re: this Very Same Thing. As it turns out, the people he put in charge of this type of erection (SWIDT?) are often left confused and distracted by all these changes he keeps on insisting they make.

    Take it form a former Construction Manager, there’s a YUGE difference between a 15-ft. wall, and one that extends to 30 ft. or so, from the foundation required to the placement of the panels. Larger ALWAYS equals more Ameros, due to more time, more labor, more materials, etc., etc.

    If he micro-managed his real estate projects the same way he’s managing everything else, it’s no wonder he became a millionaire by starting with a paltry Billion Ameros or so. There used to be a joke going around Wine Country that went, “How do you make a small fortune in the grape-growing/wine-making business? Easy – just start with a LARGE one.

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  3. I see a steel wall and I want to paint it black! No colors any more . . .

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  4. phoelyx says:

    Oh c’mon people, the giant monument to the worst that Trump can offer would be gold plated. And maybe some zirconium tastefully placed.

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  5. roket says:

    At least the bigger the wall is the harder it will fall.

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  6. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Interesting. A large object painted black? Will it have gold letters on it maybe spelling tRump? Sort of like his plane. Hugs

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