Your-Kind-Cannot-Pee-Here Bill Sponsor Wins GOP Primary in NC!

Well, not exactly, but Republican Sen. Dan Bishop, who sponsored the notorious Your Kind Cannot Pee Here bill (House Bill 2), just won his primary to challenge Democrat Dan McCready in NC-09. You know, the 2018 Congressional election that was so crooked with Republican vote tampering that it was voided and had to be recast.

On the bright side, state-wide candidates associated with the Pee bill (Gov. McRory for instance) has lost office, except this dude, and the district is heavily GOP.

MPS strongly urges everyone in NC to use the bathrooms now while they can. Don’t make me pull-over, Scissorheads, I will leave you by the side of the road!

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6 Responses to Your-Kind-Cannot-Pee-Here Bill Sponsor Wins GOP Primary in NC!

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. I have always wondered at what these people do when they are in a public bathroom that inspired these bills? Seriously I have used a bunch of public / store bathrooms and a few off the road trees in my 56 years, and yet never had the thought of going to a bathroom with the idea of assaulting someone. What are they into that makes them think other people go to bathrooms to force sex on other people? Them some real weirdos to worry about in the bathroom. Heck give me trans people, men dressed in skirts, girls, or anyone else than those bathroom bill Republican perverts in the bathroom with me, I am safer that way. Hugs


    • tengrain says:

      Scottie –

      Here in the People’s Republic of Seattle, most of the facilities that I have used in bars and restaurants are multi-gender, in that each stall is in its own lockable room (floor-to-ceiling walls) with a common hand-washing station. No one gives it any thought anymore, and it seems to be just fine to everyone, including oldsters like myself.

      I agree with you: I’d rather share the bathroom with anyone other than a Republican looking for trouble. It’s just the way their sex-crazed lizard brains work, I guess?



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      • Scottie says:

        Hello TG. I have shared this before on my blog but maybe it will help to give it the wider audience you have.

        When I was a young teen in the US Army I was sent over to Germany. The first barracks I was at was co-ed. Completely. The facilities ( meaning bathrooms ) were both male and female. Totally. However they were designed smartly. While there were open sinks, each toilet was in a stall, no urinals. Each shower was a small room with a lockable door. We had no problems. It worked, we each went about doing what we need to do and no problems happened. It was a given normal. Just as you describe.

        I remember watching the new ( now old ) Battlestar Galactica and seeing the co-ed bathroom scenes and thinking yes, that was how it was for us. It really was no big deal, we were not there for a thrill, we were there to do what we needed and move on.

        So yes I understand what you are describing and I think that is the way our country needs to go. Think of the savings to buildings and restaurants. Only need plan space for one facility and then the clean up is easier.

        Just how long will it take to get rid of the hyper religious assholes who think going to the bathroom is some sort of sexual ritual? Hugs

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      • tengrain says:

        Scottie –
        The obvious answer is that it already is too long with the Xtistian Xrazies.

        But I am nothing if not obvious.



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    • MDavis says:

      This is some of that scarier than usual projection.

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  2. Astamari says:

    Of course, McReady already won the first time around when there was serious ratfc*king of the district by the GOP (of course). Seriously, bathroom bill guy is going to win this in an obscure off year re-election? Only if the Dems don’t show up. GOTV.

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