The War on Women, Cont.

Your Rapist’s Baby?

The Republican-Theocrat push to outlaw abortion got a boost when Alabama’s Republican-controlled Senate passed a bill that bans abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy, with no exception for rape and incest victims, because Jeebus loves your rapist’s baby more than he love you, ladies. Now get back to incubating them cells!

The punishment for doctors caught performing an abortion: up to 99 years in prison, The only exception would be when the woman’s health is at serious risk.

The bill’s supporters acknowledge it is a deliberate attempt to provoke a lawsuit that could push the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider its Roe vs. Wade decision. And make no mistake, there is definitely an anti-abortion movement.

Ever since Prznint Stupid got a conservative majority on the court—thanks to amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell installing Brett Kavanaugh the Virgin Mayor of Keg City— Jeebusland (the South and Midwest) has passed laws to restrict abortion access — and trigger a fight.

But also/too: 52% of the population of the US are women; women vote. The 2020 Goat Rodeo Democratic candidates, especially the women candidates, just got an issues boost.

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3 Responses to The War on Women, Cont.

  1. Astamari says:

    Even now, I’m not completely convinced that the SCOTUS conservoboys will just toss out decades of precedent knowing full well there will be a huge electoral sh*tstorm, especially if this happens before 2020. Don’t know how Roberts will come down too because he risks ruining what little remains of the SCOTUS reputation.


  2. MDavis says:

    As for the 52% are women, don’t discount the Schlaflys amoung us.


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