Golden Schlafly Awarded to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey!

The Golden Schlafly!

Gov. Kay Ivey signed Alabama’s abortion ban, with the only exception for mothers whose lives are in danger. New State Motto: “You will have your rapist’s baby”

We award Gov. Ivey with the much-coveted Golden Schlafly for setting back women’s rights more than any other woman. This might be a lifetime achievement award for Ivey.

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13 Responses to Golden Schlafly Awarded to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey!

  1. FELINE MAMA says:

    “My uterus, tubes, & ovaries haven’t seen a sperm/or a penis, in centuries. Join me females.”

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  2. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. During the signing she mentions this shows how Alabama feels every life is precious and a gift from god. . . Yet she failed to mention an increase in medicaid funding, she failed to mention an increase in prenatal care, failed to mention education funding for those lives, and failed to mention that the state was stopping all executions and getting rid of the death penalty. So I guess not all lives are precious and some are far more precious than others. Seems to me she should have said all cell clumps, zygotes, and fetuses are precious until they are born. What a crock and the republican cult members can not see it is crap. Hugs

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  3. RayLay says:

    The anti-abortionists are displaying a very primitive mind-set, something I like to call the monkey brain mentality. The “protection in numbers” biological axiom is at work here and the frontal cortex of these enlarged monkey brains tries to rationalize an otherwise unexplainable position (with their religion or moral outrage). Pity the anti-abortionists for they know not what they do (well, maybe not not).

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  4. laura says:

    She’s my daughter. She’s my sister. Shes my daughter. She’s my sister.
    We’re seriously heading in Becky Bell territory.


  5. Dennis Cole says:

    At least some of them are admitting that the reason these bills are so harsh is to deliberately have them challenged in court – all the way to the Supremes, bc they figure they finally have a shot at overturning Roe v. Wade. And if it does get defeated, then look for almost every state in the Union to revamp and rewrite their own anti-abortion legislation, since there will no longer be one single, federally-mandated standard.

    What I’m not understanding here is what, exactly, are these so-called pro-lifers going to do with a HUGE group of starving, uneducated children that will no doubt ensue? Allow them to die, then charge the parents with wrongful death, or even murder? To what aim? Fill up the private prisons? Conscript them, and use them for cannon-fodder in our various wars and incursions around the world? It makes so little sense that I’m firmly convinced that not one of them has thought this through.

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    • tengrain says:

      Dennis –

      It is all about feeling superior. When the Rapture comes, they want to look down upon the sinners left behind, with grim satisfaction.

      And as I’ve said a zillion times-squared: the Xristians have hated women since Eve ate the apple and got them kicked out of Paradise, but they never, Ever, EVER blame the snake.



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      • Dennis Cole says:

        TG –
        Another thing I noticed is that a lot of these bills have a provision that they don’t go into effect for several months, or the beginning of next year, which in my mind only serves to allow opponents sufficient time to mount a full-fledged counterattack. Why not call for it to take effect IMMEDIATELY?

        And another thing – the main part of Roe v. Wade is that the Supremes said that since the best minds of the time, be they theologists, scientists, doctors, etc., could not agree on when life begins, they were sure as heck not gonna establish such a threshold. No, instead they concentrated on the UN-CONSTITUTIONALITY of the various state laws, and how they violated so many Amendments that they could not be allowed. So these “fetal heartbeat” bills are a way of trying to get around that, by establishing just when life DOES begin, thus serving to protect “a life.”

        But yes, their religious fervor does help to elevate them above the rest of us.It’s kinda like having a snazzy resort like Merde-a-Loggo – what’s the point, unless it’s to keep out the unwashed masses? Heaven’s gonna be such an exclusive congregation of these assholes that eternal boredom would seem to be a worse punishment than partying in Hell, with all the sinners. Like me. I’ve heard I put on a pretty good show, once I reach a certain point of alcoholic saturation.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        And I found the answer to my question about these anti-abortion bills not calling for immediate imposition: if they did so, then a group like the ACLU could seek an emergency injunction in a Federal Court, which would tie up the bill for who knows how long. But since it doesn’t take effect until more than 6 months from now, it doesn’t qualify for an “emergency” injunction.
        Plus, like I mentioned in another post, the Senate has been gleefully “stacking” the Appeals Courts with judges who are considered “friendly to the cause,” so next year looks better and better as far as having any opposition to these bills quashed almost immediately, which means appeal after appeal (which is expensive and time-consuming,) and almost guarantees a hearing in front of the Supremes.

        So what I’m hoping for is that these awful, draconian bills get struck down in court after court – as they should – and then the Supremes saying, “Nah, that’s alright, we’ll let the lower court’s rulings stand.” Which is their right, and lets them off the hook for having to reconsider Roe v. Wade.

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  6. MDavis says:

    Is that award a … cookie? How appropriate. We all know that Hillary won’t bake cookies (note: she will too, she just won’t restrict herself to kitchen activities), so they must be the ultimate sign of a good female, right?

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  7. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Look for the number of babies and toddlers “forgotten” in locked cars to climb. It’s known as “redneck abortion.”

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