Don’t Spend It All In One Place, Part Infinity

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(Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

Hey guys, remember that time AT&T promised that if the Billions for Billionaires Bill was passed that they would re-invest their savings in well paying jobs, you know, when CEO Randall Stephenson said that that “every billion dollars AT&T invests is 7,000 hard-hat jobs. These are not entry-level jobs. These are 7,000 jobs of people putting fiber in ground, hard-hat jobs that make $70,000 to $80,000 per year.”

And then the Billions for Billionaire Bill passed and there was much rejoicing as AT&T lived up to their promise and hired all those people…

Haha, jokes on you, it was Opposite Day!

“But AT&T cut capital spending and kept laying people off after the tax cut. A union analysis of AT&T’s publicly available financial statements “shows the telecom company eliminated 23,328 jobs since the Tax Cut and Jobs Act passed in late 2017, including nearly 6,000 in the first quarter of 2019,” the Communications Workers of America (CWA) said yesterday

“AT&T’s annual report also shows the company boosted executive pay and suggests that after refunds, it paid no cash income taxes in 2018 and slashed capital investments by $1.4 billion,” the CWA wrote.”

As we may have mentionedthe BLS revealed (fair warning mobile readers: PDF) that the Billions for Billionaires Bill resulted in employees receiving, on average, an increase of one penny. We stand by our advise to not spend all in one place.


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5 Responses to Don’t Spend It All In One Place, Part Infinity

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Huh. So, as it turns out, I got a COLA for my Disability checks this year MUCH bigger than the “raise” average workers got in their paychecks.. I was somewhat surprised at the largesse – a whopping 3%, which amounts to $50 Ameros per month! – as both Houses were controlled by Rethuglicons, who, as we well know, just HATE “giving extra money to the Poorz.”

    Of course with the tariffs causing price increases all across the spectrum, and Big Oil raising gas prices to over $4/gal here in CA, that “extra” $50 got wiped out. Oh well.

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    • w3ski4me says:

      Yea, I got my COLA too, but my wife of 38 years and I had got remarried so because of the combined income we now pay $135 in Medicare costs. My “raise” got me to less than before all this started. Whoopie. Not counting the 4 buck gas.

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  2. skinnydennis says:

    Don’t recall submitting that. In case someone else is due credit.


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