Being a Stable Genius Runs In The Family, Apparently

Junior Mints: bright as he looks?

NBC News reports that the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed future vape salesman Junior Mints to answer questions about having limited information (ALLEGEDLY!) about the plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow while Daddy Dearest was running for prznint.

Reuters reports that Junior Mints will refuse to comply with the subpoena by invoking his Fifth Amendment rights to avoid self-incrimination, which, to use the words of Junior Mints hisself, “I love it.”  Dude is a walking confession.

Yesterday, Axios reported a source close to Junior Mints (Munior Jints, lets say!) said…

A source close to Don Jr. tells Swan:

Don is a private citizen, who has already been cleared by Mueller after a two-year investigation. He has done 8-9 hours of testimony in front of Senate Intel already and 27 hours of testimony in front of various committees in total.

When he originally agreed to testify in front of the Senate Intel Committee in 2017, there was an agreement between Don and the Committee that he would only have to come in and testify a single time as long as he was willing to stay for as long as they’d like, which Don did.

Don continues to cooperate by producing documents and is willing to answer written questions, but no lawyer would ever agree to allow their client to participate in what is an obvious P.R. stunt.

And of course, Maggie also has a source who sounds incredibly like Munior Jints, too/also:

🎶 Let’s go right to the source, the horse of course…

Junior Mints claims to know nothing (well, hardly nothing) about the effort to build a tower in Moscow—in September 2017, Squiggy told the Senate Judiciary Committee he was only “peripherally aware” of the project. Prznint Stupids’ Stupidest Lawyer Michael Cohen (sorry Rudy!™) told a House committee in February that he met with Junior and the First Shady, Ivanka Trump, “approximately 10” times to brief them about the Trump Tower plan. This checks out! In all fairness, Junior Mints has a reputation as a drooling moron, s0 10+ times might be needed before he even could be peripherally aware of anything.

Anyway, the Trump Tower Moscow deal would give Vladimir Putin a $50 million penthouse in an effort to market condos to the rest of the Russian Mafia. According to Mueller’s report, the president authorized the highly lucrative project, and remained interested in it until it was dropped. So, you know, Trump Tower Moscow might be really important!

Prznint Stupid defended his idiot son saying that he was surprised to see the GOP-led panel had subpoenaed Junior Mints:

“Frankly, for my son, after being exonerated, to now get a subpoena to go again and speak again after close to 20 hours of telling everybody that would listen about a nothing meeting, yeah, I’m surprised.”

Well, I’m convinced!

Prznint Stupid then gave his own character witness for Junior Mints:

“My son is a good person. My son testified for hours and hours,” Trump said. “My son was totally exonerated by [special counsel Robert] Mueller, who frankly does not like Donald Trump. Me, this Donald Trump.”

How can anyone argue with that? Also, what does that mean?

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7 Responses to Being a Stable Genius Runs In The Family, Apparently

  1. lofgren says:

    Suspected criminals should only ever be investigated by people who LIKE them! Specifically, only your best friends are qualified to investigate you! It’s in the Constitution!

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  2. ming says:

    Junior Mints: bright as he looks?

    I’m going to have to go with nope. Grifty, conniving, totally shameless liar, yup. Bright, not hardly. He inherited his fathers good brain.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    “My son testified for hours and hours”
    I can just see Hillary sitting and home and thinking “Awww, poor baby.”

    And, of course, Don’s lying about his son being exonerated. The reason he is being called back is because there is strong evidence of Jr lying the first time. That’s pretty much the opposite of being exonerated.

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    • Scottie says:

      Hello Sirius Lunacy. The talking point made by tRump that Donnie Jr has been exonerated will be played on loop on State TV and the cult of tRump deplorables will rally around to protect the off spring of their lord and god 45. They will argue vehemently that just because JR lied to congress doesn’t mean he is guilty of doing anything wrong. Hugs


  4. laura says:

    He may have one son who’s a good person but it sure ain’t fuckface McClownstick Jr. or Err Ick.

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