Bringing Fried Chicken To A Gunfight

What? Me worry?
(Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

The Dems are unable/unwilling to accept that they are in a fight for the integrity of American democracy.

This week alone, strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr and the Democrats did a little a pas-de-deux:

  • Barr ignored a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee for the unredacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report –
  • Barr cancelled his appearance at a hearing about the Mueller report.
    • The Dems responded by not subpoena’ing the bastid.
  • Barr lied about and concealed from Congress a letter about Mueller’s displeasure with the way Barr had mislead the public about the contents of his report.
    • The Dems responded by threatening-and-not holding Barr in contempt of Congress. Boy that’ll teach him!

But they brought fried chicken to the hearing! (chicken—get it?! That’s comedy genius, amirite? Fair warning: that’s a Chris Cilliza link, and hell done froze over that I agree with him!)

Someone as brazen as Low Barr is not going to feel embarrassed by being called chicken, and just like Eric Holder before him, he’s not going to care about being in contempt with congress. It doesn’t mean much.

The Russian Usurper obstructed the investigation of a foreign attack on our 2016 election that he encouraged. He even called Vladimir Putin and talked about the Russia hoax, and didn’t warn him to not do it again!

Comrade Trump claims TOTAL EXONERATION and now is emboldened and wants to use the DOJ to punish his political enemies, and Low Barr tried to cover for this latest rat-eff’ing. Barr lied to Congress for Prznint Stupid! Even risk-averse Nancy Pelosi said Barr broke the law.

The Dems must quit bringing sternly worded letters to a gunfight. They need to go the full Chicago Way on these guys who understand nothing but brute force. Impeach Barr, force him to resign; that’s the first step on the Chicago Way.

UPDATE 1: This tweet says everything I wanted to say, and does it more elegantly.

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  1. paul fredine says:

    meanwhile, zircon and burlap, two of dumpy’s favorite mammy wanna-bes, had to weigh in, saying that bringing fried chicken was racist since we all know that bringing fried chicken to a meeting at which the guy john goodman will surely play in the movie doesn’t dare show his face is definitely racist beeeecaaause….? i think they were just pissed they didn’t get an invite because fried chicken, y’all. now THAT could be called racist.


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