No Moore, Please

[* Waits a few minutes to stop cringing *]

Seriously, how can anyone in the Senate support this guy? All of his sexist/racist/nasty speeches and columns are tumbling out right now. Of course no one in the 4th Reich did any homework vetting him.

“But all it’s been since then has been one personal assault after another, and a kind of character assassination having nothing to do with economics. . . . They’re pulling a Kavanaugh against me.”

If you mean putting your record against your nomination, well, d’uh.

I’m going to wager 5K Quatloos that he withdraws his nomination before he gets dragged much further. End of the week, let’s say?

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10 Responses to No Moore, Please

  1. Steve-O says:

    Respectfully disagree, TG. The Senate will confirm this guy because he’s one of them.
    There is a reason scum accumulates: it attracts more scum, like attracts like.

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  2. Redhand says:

    Flies are known to congregate around shit.

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  3. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Sexist/racist/nasty is a Republican feature, not a bug. It is what they aspire to. Hugs

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  4. I’ll cover that bet Ten. He’s the perfect post-BEER ME candidate. It’ll be close, and Mother may have to unclench the cilice on mikey so he can squeak out “Aye”, but I’ll bet he’ll be on the Board. Susan Collins may openly beat her breast and weep in dismay on the Senate Floor, before voting for him with all the rest, but my guess is he’s going to get confirmed.

    MY 5000 quatloo bet is that Yertle the Fascist Turtle starts to fast track any and all nominees down to ‘The committee has fifteen minutes to mark Y or N next to the blacked out names on the list; followed by the full Senate vote two minutes later, THEN we announce who we just confirmed to office.

    All in the interest of efficiency doncha know….

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    • tengrain says:

      It is also why I am putting down Quatloos instead of Ameros.

      The treachery of the Republicans is well documented now.



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  5. donnah says:

    I don’t know why Moore believes he can fall back on his record as an economist, anyway. No one agrees with his assessments of how to run the economy and he’s a huge fail in every other respect. Cut bait, Republicans. These losers are too rotten to keep.

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    • Given that he isn’t one, has no actual experience, and his ‘economic’ policy preferences are incomprehensible garbage covered with a bright sheen of partisan hackery, I’m guessing he’s banking on the Fed as being another one of the institutions Trump and the GOP want to blow up, and he’s the designated grenade.

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  6. Bruce says:

    Didn’t pay alimony, didn’t pay his taxes, always wrong but never in doubt…. The man is GOLDEN.

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