Infrastructure Week/Weak, Again?!


Prznint Stupid met with Chuck-and-Nancy in what both sides called a productive discussion about a comprehensive, $2T Amero infrastructure package to repair and improve the nation’s roads, bridges and broadband networks.

Almost everyone loves the idea (the guys at the Pod Save Whatevs news letter hates, Hates, HATES this – more on that below!), but until Petunia & Pals weighs in, and Hannity blesses it, Our Stable Genius is likely to do back-flips and run away. Stop laughing you guys, even Shamoo could do a backflip.

And then there’s the question of the Ameros: A) $2T seems like one of those Art-of-the-Deal splashy opening moves to hide what your real number is, and 2) where’s the cheddar gonna come from? Tax increases, cutting military spending, the Wall (surely you jest, and quit calling me Shirley), cutting the safety net (DING! DING! DING!)… so I don’t see how this is gonna happen.

Now, to Pod Saves Whatevs point, from their email thingie last night (formatting is theirs):

President Trump has again escalated his efforts to nullify congressional oversight and Democrats have responded by completely ignoring his contempt for them and offering him $2 trillion to rebuild the country’s infrastructure ahead of the 2020 election. Please kill us.

In the past 48 hours:

    • Trump along with his children and his private business have filed suit against two of his lenders, Capital One and Deutsche Bank, to stop them from complying with congressional subpoenas for his financial information, on the audacious and made-up grounds that Congress can’t investigate a private citizen.
    • Attorney General William Barr informed House Democrats that he will not attend a scheduled Thursday Judiciary Committee hearing if Democrats continue to insist upon allowing the committee’s staff counsel to interrogate him, or receiving a private briefing about redacted portions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

 Combine these episodes with other recent stonewalling efforts and it amounts to the position that Trump is completely above the law, and can even dictate the terms by which Congress oversees his administration. Trump can’t be indicted because he’s president, Congress can’t learn what he might be indicted for were he not president because his attorney general doesn’t want to talk about it, and in any case a great deal of his criminal conduct is a private matter supposedly beyond Congress’s reach. Gotta love this law and order President.

Here’s how Democrats have responded to this assault on the rule of law:

    • House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries boasted that his members convened after a two-week recess and the topic of impeachment simply didn’t come up.
    • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a delegation of Democratic leaders to the White House to discuss working with Trump on an enormous, bipartisan infrastructure package, and described the meeting as “very productive.”

Set aside the fact that Democrats have sent Trump a message that obstructing justice and sabotaging elections is OK with them. The Democratic base wants Trump to be held accountable so that the public learns the truth about him and he’s either removed from office or has a harder time getting re-elected. House Democrats have a different idea: Don’t hold him accountable and offer to help him take credit for an infrastructure bill that will make his re-election more likely. We’re as confused as you are.

I know I am on Team ITMFA, but I think that this time Pod Save Whatevs is on the money. Heck, Wired Magazine tells us about the 16 or so known criminal probes, so why are they giving him a win?

The Dims (intentional spelling) should not be offering The Russian Usurper a trophy that will bear his name (and you know he wants an immortal branding opportunity), and give him a major win right before the 2020 Goat Rodeo. A Deal gives bragging rights to Prznint McDeals that he can work with Democrats who are investigating him. No Deal, Trump can say Democrats couldn’t even say yes to a $2 trillion jobs project!

I do not know what Chuck-and-Nancy’s game is, and so it would be irresponsible for me to NOT speculate that maybe they are trying to drive a wedge between The Russian Usurper and his pet senate? There is no way that those cheap screws are going to go for it, so maybe Possum Hollar will rise up and throw out the Republican bastids for daring not to give Pol POTUS what he wants? Seems really simplistic to me.

Between the timing and the obvious lack of financing, this whole exercise feels like a major headline-making distraction from what should be the main event: investigate and ensure the removal this blot from our escutcheon.

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4 Responses to Infrastructure Week/Weak, Again?!

  1. I don’t believe Nancy Smash is quite as Dim as they think she is. To shiv someone effectively, they have to let you in close; being nice to Orange Julius Caesar can work.

    I hope.

    In a rational universe, the R’s are so uncommitted to the rule of law, there’s no point in working with them, and ITMFA is a no-brainer. The Dims prove their commitment to the US, democracy and the rule of law, and the voter richly reward them for that.

    Unfortunately we don’t live in a rational universe, but one where 10,000 lies are called anything but; the Holy Writ of BOTHSIDES!!!!ELEVENTY!!! rules our public media discourse, the Attorney General of the United States is openly gaslighting the Public and Congress, one of our political parties is openly celebrating that they are becoming an authoritarian fascist bloc, and their base voting block are all busy cleaning and pressing their Klan robes, SS Uniforms MAGA ‘Fuck your feelings’ tee shirts and oiling up the AR15’s.

    Impeaching Dear Leader might well only give them the push they need to, well, do a putsch.

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  2. Infidel753 says:

    Or maybe Pelosi and co. simply realize that the infrastructure is in terrible shape and needs fixing? Not everything is about politics.


    • tengrain says:

      Infidel –

      That was my first thought, but I do think Pod Save Whatevs makes a valid point.

      Republicans are nothing if not Pavlovian and would see a bit infrastructure bill as a win for Hair Füror (as of course he would, too).

      I hate saying it, but everything is political now. We get sucker-punched when we think otherwise.




  3. Karla says:

    Would someone please inform Hillary Clinton that a private citizen can’t be investigated?

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