Barr None, Barr Knew

Bob Mueller be like…

Democrats were planning on grilling Prznint Stupid’s strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr at a hearing before the  Senate Judiciary Committee (run by Senatorette Lindsey Graham, low morals and high score golfing partner of Prznint Stupid) today over his handling of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia investigation.

The Dems have a fresh, new and improved, and lemon-scented line of questions, after  Mueller complained to Barr that (in Mueller’s own words):

The summary letter the Department sent to Congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March 24 did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions. There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. This threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the Department appointed the Special Counsel: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations.

Mueller’s protest was filed in a letter to Barr dated March 27 and was followed up with a phone call. And that date is important because it was two weeks BEFORE Low Barr told a Congressional committee—under oath—that he did not know whether Mueller agreed with his interpretation or not.


The fallout has been fast and furious (Note to self: I should trademark that phrase, it’s kinda catchy!):

Now, to show how impartial MPS is, we turn to Wrong-Again Rudy Giuliani, Comrade Stupid’s second stupidest lawyer (Sorry Rudy™):

“Mueller should have made a decision and shouldn’t be complaining or whining now that he didn’t get described correctly.”

OK, then!

In Barr’s prepared remarks to the Senate committee today, he states that “it is vitally important for the Department of Justice to stand apart from the political process.” Bet he’s gonna regret those words.

So, what’s the over-under that Barr will need to “work from home” today, you know because he’s expecting a plumber? Republicans always use plumbers as their excuse, sticking with a classic.

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6 Responses to Barr None, Barr Knew

  1. julesmomcat says:

    Surely, by now, everyone knows better than to expect the truth from any Rethuglikan, even if he’s under oath.

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  2. FELINE MAMA says:

    TG, yup, that is a catchy phrase. Someone beat ya to it, tho.You might change it a bit. Faster & Furioser (is too a word), maybe? Check with legal first. HA HA!!!


  3. donnah says:

    I tried to watch the hearing today but my gag reflex kept kicking in every time Barr said words and whenever a Republican sat there in front of everyone and gave him a lavish tonguebathing. Hurl.

    I will have to check out transcripts later. I’m feeling woozy.


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