Take Your Kids To Work Day At the White House

Mr. Rogers doesn’t have a thing to worry about:

I only clipped a minute+ of this, but damn, he’s nuts. It goes further off the rails if you listen to the whole thing, but I don’t want to torture you the way he tortured them.

I couldn’t help but notice in his rambling that he didn’t have any of his kids with him, which seems odd because for the Trump Crime Family, every day is taking nepotism to work day.

Except for Li’l Buddy Eric. Sad!

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13 Responses to Take Your Kids To Work Day At the White House

  1. JFC he is constitutionally incapable of behaving like a fucking empathetic human. Hell, Edgar from Men in Black was better at it.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Cheeses, Donald, put down all those axes your grinding just for this kid-friendly (ha!) event, can’t you? Yo’ll put someone’s eye out with those things!

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    The first 35 seconds were more than enough for me.


  4. FELINE MAMA says:

    Any kid he touched will never be the same. “But, Mom, you said I’d be meeting with The President. President Obama. Who’s this creep”!!!

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Waitaminnit! “I even love the media today….. I see these beautiful children, the products of the media…”
    I was taught something TOTALLY different, during “The Talk” I had with my dad, and from the Sex Ed classes in my high school, (for which I was totally high on LSD, in order to make the experience an impressionable one,) and didn’t we just have a discussion on how the millenials were having fewer babies these days, even though “Netflix and Chill” was more or less invented by them?

    So now I’m totally confused about where children come from, despite having been present at the birth of both my son and my daughter. Perhaps there’s another form of entry, one that doesn’t require crossing a border?

    Greater minds than mine have been pondering these questions, and many, many others since the advent of logical thinking, methinks.


  6. Astamari says:

    His attempts at extemporaneous speaking are inevitably deranged. He is simply incapable of relating normally to people. I assume Melania makes sure to keep the utterly invisible Barron well away from Dad. What a contrast to the Obama family.

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  7. Lsamsa says:

    One has to wonder if Donald Trump is solely made up of mutated genes.


  8. Bob Sylvia Jr. says:

    I once believed that I was losing my capacity for rational thought. Now I can rest assured, knowing what it truly sounds like. Thank you, President Trump, for my peace of mind.

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