(UPDATED) The Flop Sweat From The White House Just Increased


CNN tells us that Deutsche Bank has begun turning over their Comrade Trump-related records to New York AG Letitia James. If James succeeds in getting Prznint McDeal’s financial records, it will trouble the 4th Reich way more than any congressional investigation. She could learn that the Russian Usurper has financial liabilities/obligations to foreign powers (for giggles let’s say, oh, I dunno… RUSSIA), or that he’s committed various forms of prosecutable graft/fraud/abuse…

CNN claims that the documents include emails and loan documents, related to:

  • Trump International Hotel in Washington
  • Trump National Doral Miami
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago
  • the unsuccessful effort to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills

Prznint Grifter knows what in those documents, expect to hear of more legal manoeuvres from his lawyers sharks in the coming days. Maybe James will be our Elliot Ness?

UPDATE 1: Comrade Grifter’s loans with the bank total $340 million (ALLEGEDLY!), which are due in 2023 and 2024.

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6 Responses to (UPDATED) The Flop Sweat From The White House Just Increased

  1. donnah says:

    Hit Trump from multiple sources. Go after everything, keep hammering, keep investigating. He’s a bully and will keep putting up roadblocks, so we have to keep hitting him from all sides.

    Take him down however possible. Crack him.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    …..and, the noose gets tighter.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: The Smell of Fear


  4. YellowDog says:

    His pardon pen and McConnell’s neck wattle won’t save him from a state investigation. He can’t say “Bye, Letitia,” and have it all go away.


  5. Art says:

    I suspect the Russian connection is hiding in plain sight. Deutsche Bank has long been the bank of choice for Russian oligarchs. Credible report say that Trump Inc was extended over two billion in loans and credit over twenty years. All perfectly legal but it is suggestive in the context of Russian oligarchs through Deutsche Bank being into the Trump family to the tune of 2B. Two billion dollars is a pretty hefty quid. the relief of sanctions, worth many billions, is a similarly weighty quo. How much more do we need to see to infer a quid pro quo.


  6. bluzdude says:

    The more time he’s worrying about covering his own ass, the less time he has to screw the rest of us. Go get’im!


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