Building the (Stone) Wall!

Pee Wee Hermann Goering (image credit: Twitter)

CBS News:

“The White House will not allow senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller, the architect of the administration’s latest immigration overhaul and Homeland Security reorganization, to testify before the House Oversight Committee. Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings requested last week that Miller appear before the committee on May 1 to discuss immigration…

“…In his letter requesting Miller’s presence, Cummings said that he wanted the senior adviser to testify “because it appears that you are one of the primary moving forces behind some of the most significant — and in my view, troubling — immigration policies coming out of the Trump White House.”

Man, they really are going to go to the matt to block everything, including protecting Hair Füror’s pocket Nazi.

Come on, Dims – it really is time to Elliot Ness ’em.

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10 Responses to Building the (Stone) Wall!

  1. w3ski4me says:

    The obvious Obstruction is mounding up like cow patties on a dairy ranch. Isn’t ‘anybody’ going to document and hopefully prosecute that?
    He’s feeling empowered by the Muller report to commit more obstruction.

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  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Remember the Hollywood Ten? They got a year in prison for contempt of Congress (refusing to name names to HUAC). These bastards should get no less.

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    • Scottie says:

      Hello Buttermilk. The problem with the contempt of congress is the only two things the congress can do once the committee in question votes for contempt is to forward that to the DOJ to prosecute. Sometimes the DOJ simple doesn’t do so. When that happens the only thing congress can do is go to court over the matter. As that can take years often longer than the administration in question is in power most of them are either dropped over time or settled by the new administration when the president changes. There is no way congress can enforce a subpoena in real time. Hugs

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      • Perturbation says:

        There is a way Congress can enforce contempt of Congress on its own. Inherent contempt, in which the House or Senate Sergeant at Arms can arrest and jail the subject, without the need for any action by the executive or the courts.

        This isn’t typically how contempt of Congress has been enforced for a long time, but it was the way it was handled until a statutory process that hands enforcement off was developed in the mid-late 1800’s. Bonus: inherent contempt isn’t subject to Presidential pardons.

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      • Scottie says:

        Hello Perturbation. Yes this is true. However I can not picture it happening. First a single unarmed man wouldn’t even get into the White House and no way the Secret Service would allow the arrest and removal of the president. I couldn’t find out if the SAA can deputize people nor what the authority over the Capital Police and the SS. Do you think it could work if congress decided to use Inherent contempt? Hugs


  3. YellowDog says:

    Miller’s testimony would be high drama, or low comedy. I can’t decide. I guess he gave up on the spray-on hair, so that cringeworthy moment would be lost as well. But I cannot get the thought out of my head of Miller lecturing Chairman Cummings on the threat of brown people streaming across the border. He is that arrogant.

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  4. Redhand says:

    This is NOT the way this is supposed to work.
    Grounds for impeachment in an of itself.

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  5. Astamari says:

    Responding to Perturbation: I am going to send your message to my Democratic Representative, the excellent Jamie Raskin (on the relevant committee).


  6. Boris says:

    Delete this after you read it, but it’s “going to the mat


  7. A.J. says:

    Then every talking-head Show sholuld ban him!

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