SCOTUS To Rule on Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination, for Jeebus

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear three cases which will set the stage for a YUGE civil rights decision next year on whether LGBTQ employees are protected nationwide from being fired or not hired under the federal law that bars sex discrimination in the workplace.

This will, of course, be framed as a religious freedom case, d’uh, and also: uh-oh. This will also hit during the 2020 Goat Rodeo. You better believe the Russian Usurper is gonna use this as a wedge issue to keep the fetus-fondling, Gawd-botherers inside his tiny fists.

Federal law and the laws in most states don’t explicitly ban anti-gay or anti-trans discrimination, though Equal Employment Opportunity Commission holds that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits this kind of discrimination in the workplace, so it is subject to the whims of the people in charge. There needs to be a Federal standard, and the SCOTUS might make this painfully clear to us.

A growing majority of Americans think that this discrimination should be illegal. But the outcome of the three cases the justices will hear will hinge on whether one of the court’s conservatives sides with liberals. Uh-oh. I cannot imagine any of the conservative judges ruling on the side of their better angels.

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2 Responses to SCOTUS To Rule on Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination, for Jeebus

  1. Well considering the fetus fondling gawdbotherers are his rock crazification factor 27% base, I really don’t think he’s going to get a lot of traction out of that.

    I’ll wager a hundred meelyun quatloos that he could impregnate a white blond 12-year-old in public, then force her to get an abortion on live teevee and they’ll commence the congnitive gymnastics to accommodate both their “deeply held moral beliefs” with their much more deeply held worship of Trump and the permission he is giving them to let their racist, bigoted, hateful ids run amok.

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