They Are Watching The Wrong Movies

[Insert porno music here]

Axios email thingie:

The literal chill of Netflix (“One of us usually ends up falling asleep”) is so great that some young couples call it the new birth control, The Wall Street Journal’s Shalini Ramachandran writes in an A-hed (subscription):

  • “Demographers have lots of theories about why the U.S. fertility rate recently hit an all-time low, ranging from the aftereffects of the recession that followed the financial crisis to the broader use of long-term birth control.”

“It is hard to ignore, anecdotally at least, the impact of streaming entertainment.”

  • “A 2017 paper in ‘Archives of Sexual Behavior,’ which revealed that Americans were having less sex, on average, than they did three decades ago, offered streaming video as one possible culprit.”

Man, I’m so old I remember OK, but dinner and a movie first.

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14 Responses to They Are Watching The Wrong Movies

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Back before there was “streaming video,” if we wanted to get lucky, we had to rent “steaming” videos, from the very back of the video store, behind the glass-beaded curtain, IYKIMAITYD.

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  2. Yeah it wouldn’t be that, you know, folks of child bearing years are completely cognizant of how much it costs to have kids and shit and they have crap jerbs and tons of student debt.

    Hard to raise kids in a gig economy.

    Are they blaming the decline of homeownership and car ownership on ‘streaming media’ too? (Oh wait, that’s ‘avocado toast’, my bad)

    But it’s far far safer for the Wall Street Banksters Journal to blame anything but the folks who have burned the world’s economy to the ground for the 99%.

    Also “anecdotally” == “Hand-curated artisanally-produced small-batch organic data”

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  3. moeman says:

    The literal hooks on those bras back then were a big challenge, especially when excited.


    • Pyed says:

      I really liked the front opening bras. You simply released the center hook and the breasts popped out into your hands. I’m not certain, but I believe they were driven out of the market by those push up bras that shove the breasts so high on the chest that they look like goiters.

      Fashion designers might also deserve a bit of blame for low birthrates.

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    • FELINE MAMA says:

      Seriously, you messed with the hooks??

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  4. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Who wants to bring kids into a world where Trump exists?

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  5. Pyed says:

    Most of the recently made movies I’ve seen were too boring to stay awake through and too loud to sleep through. They were obviously made as white noise to camouflage loud sex.

    Have you ever considered that if someone had developed nearly foolproof birth control in the 1880s, America might still have a population of 50 million.

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  6. kathywompus says:

    “The thrill is gone…….”


  7. How much time is spent alone on social media/computer devices and how much more time (and cougheffortcough) is spent on porn (compared to when it was just mags) … there’s the answer (to why the birthrate has declined) : a cultural shift in (away from) physical contact/proximity. IMO

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  8. Plummet says:

    Funny, I’m having less sex, on average, than I did three decades ago.

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