White House Firing On All Pistons!

More exciting news from Trump HQs!

CNBC tells us that the White House is operating as a fine-tuned machine again:

“President Donald Trump’s top economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, said Tuesday that the White House is “talking to a number of candidates” to fill two open seats on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, while insisting that controversial Trump picks Herman Cain and Stephen Moore are still in the running.”

Now it’s silly of us to assume that nominations of ol’ 9-9-9 and the other guy who Moore-or-Less doesn’t believe in democracy (see what I did there?) could possibly be in trouble (Comrade Trump never fails, he only is failed by the WEAK! the HATERS! and the LOSERS!), even though enough Republican Senators (in alpha order: Kevin Cramer, ND; Mitt Romney, UT; Cory Gardner, CO; and Lisa Murkowski, AK), to sink his nomination have already declared their opposition to Cain. It is only a matter of time before Bad Pizza impresario and noted sexual assaulter (ALLEGED!) Herman Cain decides he wants to spend more time with his peperoni.




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5 Responses to White House Firing On All Pistons!

  1. off topic but does anyone know the real history of that photo Ten used for this post? I’ve used my most cunning google-fu over the years and have never found anything but links to memes.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    I’m fairly certain Herm the Werm has already said, “Fine! If you don’t want me, you can’t have me! Er, “I hereby withdraw from being considered for a seat on the Federal Reserve.”


  3. Janut says:

    I read the first line (too fast) as “operating as a fine-tuned machine gun.” If you actually had said that, it would have worked too.


  4. Pyed says:

    The White House IS a finely-tuned machine that is, perhaps not unfortunately, designed by rube Goldberg.


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