We Call Our Act ‘The Aristocrats’

Pee Wee Hermann Goering (image credit: Twitter)

Strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr has decided that detained asylum seekers who have shown they have a credible fear of returning to their countries will no longer be able to ask a judge to grant them bond; instead it will be at the discretion of the Dept. of Homeland Security (and not immigration judges) whether or not to release them from detention while their cases proceed. So, in other words, asylum-seeking refugees will be imprisoned for being refugees while awaiting for asylum. There’s an ugly tautology there that would make oligarchs and dictators everywhere else blush, but not Hair Füror.

The goal, of course, is to make asylum-seeking people turn around and head back into whatever danger they were fleeing rather than face years in US prisons while awaiting a determination on their status.

The only question that remains is did Comrade Trump’s pocket Nazi Stephan Miller drink a glass of water while Barr announced this. I love that part of the act!

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5 Responses to We Call Our Act ‘The Aristocrats’

  1. YellowDog says:

    They brought Barr back to create mischief. Who is next?


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Ya know, MS-13 started in American prisons. Trump, Miller et al. are replicating the conditions in which gangs grow and thrive.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Yep, definitely Broadway-bound. “The Aristocrats, starring the Deplorable Contrarians.”

    The critics are already panning it, however. Big plays like this might open to a lot of fanfare, but then their “legs” give out, and it’s soon headed to Off-off-off Broadway, as it barely even plays in Peoria.

    Why they gave it a start-date 90 days away is kinda puzzling, but then maybe they just wanna give it a run-up, run it up the ol’ flagpole, see who salutes it. Didn’t someone once say, “Hey, even BAD PR gets you some attention,” or some such?


    • Pyed says:

      I just hope that when these guys are run out of the country — and it could be soon — some foreign asshole in a position of power dicks around with their lives like they are dicking around with the lives of asylum seekers in America.

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