Good News For John McCain!

Horse Race Reporting: Comin’ round the bend…

As we’ve long said, the fundraising totals for the 2020 Goat Rodeo are meaningless at this point EXCEPT to our failed media, who use the totals of Ameros raised to decide who to take seriously. And of course, our failed media also has their own agenda and come up with strange things to measure (“burn rate” for instance to suggest Senator Professor Warren is in trouble; clue: she’s not!) to give some substance to their own biases (read: white/male).

In the 2020 Goat Rodeo, where every goat claims to be immune from the ills of big money, the first round of campaign finance disclosure statements makes clear that some are much closer to the grassroots than others.

Bernie Sanders can (and will) boast that more than 80% of his campaign contributions comes from donations of less than $200 Ameros, and no other Democratic candidates are close. And in terms of fundraising from any source, they’re all far behind the amount raised Prznint McGrifter, who doesn’t feel any need to leave any Ameros on the table from any source (and who probably has pocketed their watches and wallets, and they should see if their gold fillings are still in their mouths).

Anyway, the FEC website has totals available for ALL the 2020 Goat Rodeo candidates (including ones we’ve never heard of from assorted third parties!), but there is a catch: because the Russian Usurper announced his 2020 ambitions literally on the day he was inaugurated, the compare/contrast date is from 2017 to the present. So the amount our grifter-in-chief has raised dwarfs everyone else.


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  1. And the GOP total is divided by 1, the Democratic total is divided by the eleventy squintillion candidates in the running.

    Rachel had a good bit on this night before last, where she looked at small donor amounts comparing 2008 to now. in 2007, at this point in the race Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton had 104,000 and 60,000 ‘small donors’ who had given to their campaigns, Obama’s was a stunning record for that time.

    The lowest any major Democrat has in 2019 exceeds that amount by 30-40%. Bernie has a half a million small donors who have given money to his campaign.

    Mayor Pete raised a MILLION Ameros mostly from small donors in less than four hours after his announcement speech.

    Rachel’s transcript of that show. This bit is just before the interview with Pete Butteigeig:

    I think the really BIG story here that the media is missing deliberately ignoring is that the Democratic Party has a donor base that is now almost a perfect circle venn diagram with their political base and they are en fuego.

    As a group Democratic candidates have raised (or have on hand) nearly a hundred million Ameros most of it raised in the last few months, against Trumpolini’s measly 30 million in two years.

    In addition, we don’t know how much of that 30 million are set aside for his crime familiy’s lawyers’ coffers. Also, since he attracts lesser grifters like honey attracts flies; who knows how much of that 30 will get pissed away for “consulting fees”, “ad buys”, “pornstar payoffs”, etc.


  2. YellowDog says:

    Individual-1’s compensation for nature’s joke is money. So, yes, he does “dwarf” the competition by that measure. But it is a long time to the election and there is time for the Democrats to get their fundraising up. There is typically a surge as the primaries heat up, with donations coming faster. Whoever the nominee, it better be someone who can give Individual-1 more than he can handle.


  3. 9thousandfeet says:

    Seems to me like the “per day” rate of contributions is a more meaningful metric than “total so far”.
    By that measure, in current real time,Trump is trailing several Dem candidates substantially and the total amount of money sluiced to Trump is dwarfed by the total amount harvested by all Dems together.
    I’ve lost track of which Dems have so far reached the magic number of contributors which grants them a place in the primary debates, but my guess is it’s a fair few by now and there will be more by the cutoff date.
    So the field isn’t going to thin out a whole lot until after the debates would be my guess.

    Right now, the big issue is that Bernie has the DNC rattled, and they’re trying figure out how to kneecap him, we can be sure of that.
    No way in hell is Pelosi et al going to quit trying to reassure the megadonors that the Dems aren’t going to damage the private health insurance market.
    I think our fear should be, as ever, that the Dem establishment is going to fuck this up again by thumbing the scales with their maniacal insistence on dreary and hugely unpopular centrism.

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  4. Astamari says:

    Trump’s counting from 20 January 2017 and he’s been spending madly on his idiotic rallies not all of which can be expensed to the USG. So he’s going to be counting heavily on the RNC, which presumably also has to support a lot of vulnerable senators and reps.

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  5. Pyed says:

    It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than thirty million dollars worth of whitewash to make the Jaundiced Joker palatable to a lot of voters who voted for him last time.

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