The Mueller Report is Coming!

Bob Mueller be like…

Strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr will release the redacted Mueller report to both Congress and the public on Thursday morning. Lawyers have used color coding to conceal classified or other protected information. Everything Prznint Stupid does has some element of color coding, or is that not what they mean?

Of course, Axios’ morning email thingie has the hall monitor gossip going! (Enigmatic use of bullets and embolding is theirs)

“Some of the more than a dozen current and former White House officials who cooperated with Robert Mueller are worried that his report — now expected Thursday — will expose them as the source of damaging information about President Trump, NBC’s Carol E. Lee, Hallie Jackson and Kristen Welker report.

  • “They got asked questions and told the truth and now they’re worried the wrath will follow,” one former White House official said.
  • Some of the officials and their lawyers have tried to find out if witnesses are named (or obvious), but “the Justice Department has refused to elaborate.”

Not to be out-done, the mean girls at Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) have their own hot dish to share! (Emphasis theirs, but the Axios disease is clearly spreading!)

“MUELLER WATCH … A lot of folks in Washington thought we’d have the Mueller report by now. One of them was Attorney General Bill Barr!

“DARREN SAMUELSOHN emailed us: “A Thursday release means Barr missed his mark by 48 hours. Recall he told House appropriators on April 9 it’d be out ‘within a week.’ He’d also written in his March 29 letter that Mueller’s report would land by mid-April ‘or sooner.’”

“ONE THING WE KNOW about the delay: It’s one day closer to Good Friday, Passover and Easter and much smaller news-consuming audiences. D.C. and Northern Virginia public schools are on spring break this week, too — meaning that many folks in and around Washington are already out of town.

“So did Barr buy Trump more time to give the Mueller report a soft landing? A source familiar with the White House planning said it had been prepping for a Tuesday or Wednesday release, and the extra time doesn’t make much of a difference except it now has a date and approximate time certain. All eyes will be on Trump and how he responds, whether it be with a White House statement, a tweet or with remarks to reporters as he heads out to Marine One for what’s expected to be an Easter weekend at Mar-a-Lago.”

Only a few people know what the report says, and fewer know exactly what will be redacted, so expect this release to go off the hook. Everyone is going to be ticked by the redactions, both pro and con.

500 Quatloos says that we will be hearing a lot more about Obstruction everywhere but Fox News, which will probably cut away to the scourge of Violent Panda Sex again.

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8 Responses to The Mueller Report is Coming!

  1. YellowDog says:

    The Democrats have to keep the pressure on, to release the full report and investigate Individual-1’s corruption, if for no other reason than to document for a future Democratic-controlled Congress the reforms needed to prevent his shitshow from happening again. McConnell will never budge on impeachment, even if Individual-1 goes on Fox and outs him as the mastermind behind the Democrats’ world-wide pedophilia ring. (The signs are all there–read Q). Either say your imprecatory prayers or vote in 2020.

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  2. laura says:

    I’ve got some highlighters and a fat stack of #2 pencils and plan to spend the weekend hate-reading the censored version of “What Really Happened.”
    For those who serve this White House who are about to be reveal/reviled/you’re fireded, I cant seem to locate my tiny violin. Fuck every last one of these servants of evil.

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    • Pyed says:

      Each separate and individual color in the color-code indicates which criminal clusterfuck shit-show is being obfuscated by the blotting out of Mueller’s carefully gathered facts.


  3. MDavis says:

    Congress get’s the same version as the public. Does that include the committee to investigate this … thing? And, wait, color coded redacting? I thought that was a joke!


  4. 9thousandfeet says:

    500 Quatloos says that we will be hearing a lot more about Obstruction everywhere but Fox News, which will probably cut away to the scourge of Violent Panda Sex again.

    Few have a darker vision of where we could very easily end up with this shitstorm that me, I think that’s a fair thing to say, but I just might take that bet.

    Oh sure, the usual suspects like Hannity and Carlson and the rest won’t budge, probably ever, but I sense some change surrounding those talking heads who at least think of themselves as legit news peddlers.
    Smith has been on the warpath for a while now, and there’s some movement in Wallace World too. Brett Baier was confronted with something of a “come to jesus” moment at the “town hall” thingy with Bernie too, when he was hoist by his own medical insurance petard, and I don’t think he’s the only one who might be wondering if it’s time to get out in front of being labeled forever as lying lickspittles for a prez who just might be running out of room. That Napolitano judge guy has been on point more often that off with his legal analyses of Trump’s bullshit too, much to the chagrin of the Couch of Stupid.
    The coming brouhaha over the redacted Mueller report is going to shake the tree some more I’d guess.
    I sense the gap between the News division and the agitprop division at Fox is starting to widen, and will keep doing so.

    Here first you heard it.
    In the force a disturbance I see.

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  5. roket says:

    The color coding legend has been pre-released:

    Blue – Bad things said about Trump by Democrats
    Yellow – Stuff that didn’t really need to be redacted
    Pink – Stuff that may hurt Trump’s feelings
    Green – Stuff done by everybody but Trump that is totally illegal
    Red – Bad things said about Trump by republicans
    Purple – Stuff done by Trump that is totally illegal.


  6. Pyed says:

    Okay we’re about to see the Barr-Mueller Report, A couple of weeks ago we heard the Barr-Barr Report. So, when will we get to the Mueller-Mueller Report?

    Somewhere under lock and key the straight Mueller Report exists and eventually somebody’s going to figure out how to lay his dabblers upon it, and then somewhere over a transom some twice-damned reporter will be blessed with a story too god to not print and all the goodies Mueller harvested and tucked away in the Mueller Report will out for all to see and about 65% to believe.


    • Pyed says:

      It could be the reporter going “oh god, oh god oh god I got the real thing” or you could just replace it with “Good” as it was supposed to appear..


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