Stable Genius Offers Helpful Hint To Paris

Our Stable Genius

…to which one, lone, spitballer replied:

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10 Responses to Stable Genius Offers Helpful Hint To Paris

  1. LOL! left the same comment on C&L’s post about it.

    Gotta love how he thinks everyone has ‘flying water tankers’ just lazing about waiting to be called tout suite. France’s are based in Marseille Provence airport.écurité_Civile#Bases_2

    That’s pretty much at the other end of the country, about three hours away at their tanker’s top speed, and this doesn’t take into account the time required to ready then for flight, and crucially load them up with water or fire retardant in Paris.

    Also, bombing buildings with water is a last-ditch tactic to put out the fire; and would in itself cause enormous damage to the building.

    But then this is the head of the political party that thought Hillary could personally order special forces to rescue people in Benghazi in 20 minutes… order-deploy-land-rescue in 20 minutes…

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I had a sickening thought while walking by trash bags dumped by Woodlawn Cemetery- Notre Dame is burning after 800 years, but the plastic trash gyres in the oceans will outlast our species.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Why couldn’t they just rip the seats out of a coupla them Boeing 737 A Maxes, install some water tanks inside, and then………oh, waidaminnit. Those planes tend to crash, and we wouldn’t want to add injury to insults by having one or two crash into France’s most famous Cathedral.

    But I bet Hair Furor is poised to make a Yuge, terrific deal to the French on some 737s, just in case, ya know?


  4. Redhand says:

    Stable Genius’s asshole advice reminds me of the opening scene of Team America: World Police

    Just as welcome, just as effective.

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