RIP Georgia Engels

Really, I am truly sorry to hear the Georgia Engels has gone to the curtain call in the sky. She was 70, which is way too young.

I think that Engels’ portrayal of Georgette, who later became Mrs. Ted Baxter, is one of the richest, most well-developed character on a show that was chock-full of characters; her timing is exquisite, and how she could be both the object and subject of jokes and still be as sweetly sympathetic is as marvelous a bit of acting as it was of story telling.

She will be missed.

(Variety has more.)

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4 Responses to RIP Georgia Engels

  1. edithsilver says:

    Oh man, I loved her in that show. When I was in college in the early eighties, (in NYC) late night tv had 3 MTM episodes followed by 2 Bob Newhart shows.
    We all called it MaryMaryMaryBobBob! Talk about “must see” TV!

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  2. Karla says:

    Loved her in MTM show, and loved her even more as Mrs. Tottendale in The Drowsy Chaperone. My daughter and I saw it on Broadway, but by then the role was played by Jo-Ann Worley (Laugh-In fame). Ms. Engel reprised the role in the national tour and we were privileged to see her in Orlando.
    I think it’s unfortunate that she was a christian scientist (oxymoron) who would not consult a doctor. Her cause of death is unknown.

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  3. MDavis says:

    I remember her defending Ted as a prospective adoptive parent. Very matter of fact-ly, but gently, she chewed out the case worker. “This man is so eager to have a child that he has already child-proofed our apartment just to get ready for this. Okay, he rewired all the plug ins to be above child height, but so what? He’s making the changes to get ready for a child and they’ll work even if the changes are weird.” Mostly paraphrase, but her earnest defense of Ted and seeing something good behind the haze of dumbth always left me… verklempt.

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