Claim Chowder Served!

Treasury Secretary and living typo Steven Mnuchin says his department is unable to provide Prznint Grifter’s tax returns to Congress by yesterday’s deadline. Mnuchin said his department respects congressional oversight but needs more time to review the “unprecedented” request.

A-hem! I believe we predicted this! There’s that Claim Chowder, piping hot!

I maintain that the Dims someday will get ahold of Prznint Stupid’s taxes after a long fight, because 1) the law that lets the committee chairman see them is pretty clear, and B) Chief Justice John Roberts is the new swing vote and while he is conservative, he is not a Trump sycophant. He’s keeping his powder dry for more important Conservative issues like redistricting which will lead to 100 Years of Wingnut Rule and whatnot.

So even if I am wrong (and when has that ever happened, Gentle Readers?) there is still another route and I hope it will happen faster than a spray tan on a Staten Island grifter: The Ways and Means Committee could subpoena Comrade Stupid’s NY State tax returns. 

(Hat tip: my tax preparer —Native NYer—who wonders why this has not already happened.)

Consider this to be more Claim Chowder.

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10 Responses to Claim Chowder Served!

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Where are the gummint leakers when we really need them?


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    The other day, when I was plaintively wondering why Richard Neal didn’t just surround himself with a posse of FBI and US Marshalls, and march right into the Treasury Building where the tax records are stored, I didn’t consider this: in order for him to do so, (and it would theoretically be possible,) he would have to make an official request to the Justice Dep’t.
    “Uh, Mr. Barr? Can you help me round up a passel of agents so’s I can have a show of force, in order to get those tax returns I asked for, since Mr. Mnuchin ain’t too compliant? I’ll try to keep things to an OK Corral level, or lower, if possible, but the Law is clearly on my side.”

    On a side note, I’m pitching this idea to Hollywood: It’s Jan.21, 2021, tRump has lost the election by a landslide, but he’s hunkered down in the white House, surrounded by loyal Secret Service agents, refusing to leave, when the FBI and the US Marshalls show up, backed up by the Wash. DC and Capitol Police, and a furious gun battle ensues.tRump escapes via a secret tunnel beneath the White House, and can be heard cackling madly, while escaping in a helicopter flown by crack Russian pilots, “You haven’t seen the last of me!”

    Or maybe I’ve been watching way too many action-adventure thrillers.

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    • We haven’t seen the last of him, but the first of him turns my stomach.

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    • MDavis says:

      What’s your opening scene? What is the motivation for the SS agents to remain loyal to Trump when a new president has been elected? The job description of “serving the president” should hand their loyalty over to the new guy automatically.


      • Dennis Cole says:

        I thought I would come up with an exciting ending, and then work back from there. But it’s not hard to imagine tRump claiming the election was rigged, and the whole thing’s a coup to oust him, yada yada, and a large group of SS agents (see what I id there?) remain loyal to “the Throne,” and not the country, or the constitution.
        But it’s mostly facetious.

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      • MDavis says:

        Oooh, sounds like a dark comedy.

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  3. 9thousandfeet says:

    I maintain that the Dims someday will get ahold of Prznint Stupid’s taxes after a long fight, because 1) the law that lets the committee chairman see them is pretty clear, and B) Chief Justice John Roberts is the new swing vote and while he is conservative, he is not a Trump sycophant.

    OK, sure, the law is as clear as laws ever get—the taxes shall be provided upon request—but it does not include any mechanism at all for enforcement if the Committee chair is told to go fuck himself, which is what’s happening in slow motion right now.
    So, as you say, it ends up eventually with the Supreme Court.
    But tell me you’re not saying the straw we should now clutch to make us feel like we’re gonna be OK is John fucking Roberts because he’s not an utter sycophant like Senatorette Graham or Devin Nunes?
    I just can’t keep track of all the institutional guard rails that have been suggested since this shitshow began as reasons for why this fascist coup won’t ultimately succeed, and why we should not “panic” and should just persevere with our phone calls and strongly worded (but respectful!!) letters. Take a look at how many of those guard rails are now smoking ruins in the rear view mirror.

    Barr is basically what you get when you cross Roy Cohn with Robert Bork, and thus as a practical matter the DOJ is now, just like the GOP has been all along, also a functioning subsidiary of Trump Inc. Forgive me, but I feel the urge to shout.
    (They already changed the working definition of the emoluments clause, btw, so if House Committees, or SDNY, are expecting anything but obstruction in the pursuit of that particular corruption angle they’re in for a surprise)
    This is not a fluke. Trump may not be smart enough to have orchestrated that, and in the nick of time too, but the organization that is shoring him up and fly air cover for him sure as hell is.

    If it’s claim chowder we’re looking for, I’ve been saying since forever that all the “checks and balances” political institutions are busted and all of this shit will end up with the newly-packed Supreme Court whereupon enough of this malfeasance will be declared perfectly legal to render the project for the destruction of the US experiment with a Constitutional Democratic Republic a rousing success.
    Any court that can rule in favor of Citizen’s United is a court that is unlikely to have a problem upholding some bullshit argument for insulating the executive against accountability (which will be redefined as “politically motivated abuse of Congressional Authority”) at least while in office, and that court didn’t have either Gorsuch or Kavanaugh on it.

    Can we go out in the streets now, please? Here’s some more claim chowder. If we don’t get out there this summer, millions of us, it will almost certainly be too late.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Here’s something I find extremely bothersome:
    The Secret Service contingent that guards the Preznit takes their orders directly from him, and the ONLY person who could countermand those orders is the Director, himself, if he has sufficient time to do so.. And I had the utmost respect for Randolph “Tex” Alles, because he supposedly told those agents under his command that they didn’t necessarily have to blindly obey EVERY order given them, that they would have to deduce if it was a blatant violation of local, state, federal or constitutional law, reminding them that if they DID violate the law, even under orders, they would be subject to prosecution in the future.
    But we don’t have the same mindset with the newly-appointed director, James Murray, who is a lifelong agent, and who is among a group of agents that didn’t agree with Alles’s admonitions. In fact, Murray is a hardliner, who believes in concepts such as “death before dishonor,” and “there’s no such thing as an illegal order given by a President.”
    From this we can likely deduce that no subpoenas will ever be served in the White House, or to anyone</b under Secret Service protection, if Hair Furor issues such an order to prevent service – to, say, Jr. Mints, or JarJarVanka or anyone placed under such protections, and he can even authorize the use of deadly force if any agent feels it necessary due to “imminent injury or death” to the person(s) they’re guarding.
    Hell, tRump might just get fed up with a journalist who he dislikes, and order him/her arrested while on the White House grounds. Or maybe even shot, if the Preznit claims he was in fear for his life.


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