Dick pill salesman Herman Cain

Republicans, as we know by now, will do anything that Comrade Trump demands. Confirm a drooling idiot to be the Secretary of Education?, right on it! Polluters at the EPA?, no problem! Iran-Contra apologist to lead the DOJ?, you got it, boss! Herman Cain to the fed…


Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!):

“Senate Republicans are warning the White House that the 2012 presidential candidate will face one of the most difficult confirmation fights of Donald Trump’s presidency and are making a behind-the-scenes play to get the president to back off, two G.O.P. senators said. . . . The G.O.P. has generally waved through Trump’s nominees over the past two years, but are reluctant to do the same for the Fed, amid fears that Trump’s push to install interest-rate slashing allies will politicize the central bank.”

Of course, this could be just one more case of Susan Collins being very concerned, and perhaps writing a letter to say that a guy who’s financial acumen is limited to how much to charge for a crap pizza to be delivered has no place on the Fed, but then votes to confirm him anyway.

Or it could be a distraction so that serial tax cheat/deadbeat Stephan Moore and his Laffer Curve can skate through because he looks good in comparison. Hard to say.

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3 Responses to Nein!-Nein!-Nein!

  1. Kiwiwriter says:

    I haven’t seen such an incredible collection of pathetic idiots and criminals running a country since the team that surrounded Adolf back in 1943:

    Goering, the morphine addict
    Goebbels, the rat-faced lying adulterer
    Hess, the occult-obsessed nutter
    Bormann, the supreme bootlicker
    Himmler, the obsessive and sadistic file-clerk
    Heydrich: the self-hating cynic
    Ley: the alcoholic
    Funk: the whiny pedophile
    Ribbentrop: the pompous idiot
    Rust: the indecisive fool
    Keitel and Jodl: Obsequious military toadies
    Kaltenbrunner: the cold sadist

    History repeats itself: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. But this time we have nuclear weapons.

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    Stephen Moore (R-Deadbeat) doesn’t look good compared to anyone or anything. He should stay where he belongs, on talk show panels. He does NOT belong on the Fed.

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  3. Marco says:

    And, “economist” Steven Moore is just as much of an idjit as Cain. Here’s a link to Rep. Carol Maloney’s letter to the Senate Banking subcommittee chair and ranking member:

    Click to access carolyn-maloney-letter-to-senate-banking-re-stephen-moore.pdf

    Gott im Himmel.

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