A Low Barr

How low can he go?

Members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors and investigators have broken their 2-year silence after piloting a totally leak-proof ship.

Team Mueller says that strategic hire AG Bill ‘Iran-Contra’ Barr has misrepresented their findings, which are extremely damaging to President Trump (ALLEGEDLY!), and he may be engaged in a coverup.

Weird, innit! This Administration?! Iran-Contra Barr?! Unpossible!

The Team Mueller has still not spoken to the press directly (that’s professionalism!) but members have told their associates that they are unhappy with Barr and their associates are talking to the press! That’s JOURNALISM!

  • Barr has reportedly misrepresented “alarming and significant” evidence Mueller’s team collected that Trump obstructed justice.
  • Barr ignores that the report, “contains detailed accounts of Trump campaign contacts with Russia and those campaign members were manipulated by a sophisticated Russian intelligence operation.”
  • Team Mueller prepared section-by-section summaries of the report for Barr that they vetted for public disclosure, but which Barr has withheld.

And that’s the cover-up, right there. The sooner that the House Dems subpoena the entire Mueller Report (and all the supporting documentation) the closer we will be to knowing what actually happened, instead of relying on The Russian Usurper declaring hisself to be TOTALLY EXONERATED!!1!

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8 Responses to A Low Barr

  1. Sir Nigel says:

    It should be called “The Full Muellery”. Up front and fully exposed.

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  2. YellowDog says:

    Some observers were fooled by Mueller’s 30-year friendship with Barr and thought the report would be handled on the up-and-up, or that Rosenstein’s presence would ensure the report was not buried. Wrong on both counts. Barr was put in place because of his views on presidential obstruction of justice (can’t happen) and because he helped bury Iran-Contra. Rosenstein is a company man and Individual 1’s dancing monkey on the Comey firing. I am split on whether, on orders, he would have Borked Mueller. After Barr came on the scene, my hope was that the report could be retrieved from the Mariana trench by Democrats in Congress. We’ll see.

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    • 9thousandfeet says:

      And yeah, we’ll see. My quatloos are on a “delay delay delay” strategy, followed perhaps by the release of something redacted into worthlessness, followed in turn by more “delay delay delay”, with the eventual plan being to have the whole thing punted to the SCOTUS eventually where the hope will be that Mitch’s court-packing will pay off in spades.

      This will all take a while, so it’s not irrational to wonder if the only way we get to see the Mueller report in all it’s unredacted glory before the next election is if somebody leaks it.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        “Executive Privilege.” Nuff said.


      • tengrain says:

        Welcome back, 9K!

        We missed your insights greatly.

        Tell us about the birdies. Any of them jerks?




      • 9thousandfeet says:

        Missed the birds completely this year. Sometimes it goes like that.
        Had a great time in the high desert nevertheless – no news, no internet, no phones, just lotsa stars and hikes, some much-needed lovely warm sun and other evidence of the end of what’s been a long cold winter up here on the mountain.


  3. FELINE MAMA says:

    I always think of this song/dance when I hear what the Hater in Chief did that day. Now, for him, it’s already to the ground, but, he manages, somehow, to out do himself & still get under. Isn’t he amazing.


  4. MDavis says:

    The Dems cannot subpoena it straight from Mueller? See, this is why I don’t understand law. Or, The Law. I also see no reason not to wear white shoes any time you feel like it.


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