There Really Is A Difference Between The Two Parties

The Republican Party Takes Flight

Since the 2016 Goat Rodeo, the Bernie Bruhs screamed at the Dims that they are corporatist tools of the CEO fat cats, and while sometimes I do think of certain senators as being in the pocket of Wall Street bankers (Hi Chuck! Hi Kirstin!), but I could never buy into the Corporate Democrats meme. It seemed counter-intuitive if not counter-factual.

So imagine my surprise—none!—to learn that CEOs are indeed in the pocket of the Republicans. Or maybe it is vise-versa (can you tell by the formatting it is from Axios?):

A new, first of its kind study tracks the political leanings of CEOs by examining 18 years of political contributions by more than 3,800 CEOs of S&P 1500 companies.

The big picture: The chief executives of America’s largest public companies are more than twice as likely to lean Republican in their campaign contributions than to favor Democrats.

  • Among big energy companies, CEOs’ Republican leanings are even stronger: more than 9 in 10 energy CEOs side with Republicans, and none with Democrats.
  • The study, by professors from Harvard Law School and Tel-Aviv University, classifies a CEO as a Republican or a Democrat if they gave at least two-thirds of their campaign contributions to one party or the other. CEOs that distributed their contributions more evenly between the two major parties were classified as neutral.

CEOs are more than twice as likely to give to Republicans rather than to Democrats.

Republicans support policies that favor rich people (like the Billions for Billionaires Bill). It really is one well-manicured hand washing the other, and now we have a study and data that proves it.

I urge you to go to the Axios link and read the whole item, and then go to the study and look at the charts. Holy cow! The Bruhs got it so wrong.

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5 Responses to There Really Is A Difference Between The Two Parties

  1. Have no fear, the Purity Patrol will institute the “One Drop Dollar” rule for who is the One Troo Candidate and who is The Worst Evil Corporate Stooge Warmonger Monster Ever!!!11Eleventy!!!

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  2. Czippee l'Shimp says:

    Equally unsurprising – and closely related, CEOs also score high on the scale for RWA (right wing authoritarianism), and SDO (social dominance orientation). Diminished or absent levels of empathy are related to both of those pathologies.

    A bit more surprising is that they do not tend to be gamblers. That would, however, explain the donations – hedged bets – on democrats.

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  3. Marc McKenzie says:

    It’s not just that they got it wrong in 2016–they’ve been getting it wrong since 2000, when back then I heard the same spew from the Naderites. And even after 9-11 and the invasion and occupation of Iraq, they STILL stuck to that belief.

    Anyone with a working brain can do the comparison between Reagan and G.H.W> Bush’s terms, Clinton’s terms, G.W. Bush’s terms, and Obama’s terms and now the first two years of Trump and see the vast chasm of differences–notably that Democrats have actually governed and have left the country in better shape than when they entered office, while the GOP have left us with wars, recessions, and numerous scandals. But some people will never be convinced.

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  4. MDavis says:

    Remember Anderson? Ross Perot? They were very helpful in their time. To someone.


  5. saveusfrompotus says:

    The bruhs got EVERYTHING wrong and I will go to my grave believing most of the morons who followed him were paid to do so because their language and tactics have been taught in REPUB RATFUCK 101 for 50 years and it just seemed odd to me a bunch of DEMS (who let’s be honest are NORMALLY made up of people with souls) suddenly switched overnight into mysogonist aholes who pushed RWNJ memes 24-7. Odd that. Then you have the Bernster — the great fighter of the left — suddenly after the Election go mute for two years while DildoHead fked us on a daily basis and nary a whimper out of the phony leftist hero until about a week before he announced he was running again. This time I will not sit back quietly.

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