Come-on, Dems: Subpoena The Mueller Report YESTERDAY

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie) gives us the current pablum:

“I believe that the Mueller report has been done. That’s a chapter that’s closed,” House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, the number three Democrat in the House said on CNN’s “New Day.” In fairness to Mr. Clyburn, he said that the new chapter will be health care.

Meanwhile, the House Judiciary Committee passed a resolution—with GOP support!—telling the Justice Department to hand over Mueller’s investigative materials, and even set a deadline for Attorney General William Barr to hand over the Mueller report itself.

Barr plans to redact the report and says he won’t transmit it to Congress for “weeks.” And during those weeks, the 4th Reich will continue to frame the report (read “lie about it”) as total exoneration and NO COLLUSION!!1! and our failed and compliant media will echo that framing.

But maybe that framing is already failing? In the first poll to be conducted post-Barr memo, Morning Consult/Politico (PDF! Fair warning mobil readers!) shows us that Prznint Stupid’s approval rating is unmoved; he didn’t gain anything, but he didn’t lose anything, either. What is startling is that 47% of those polled believe that The Russian Usurper in fact did try to obstruct justice and only 39% thinks he’s exonerated. So about half the country thinks that Comrade Prznint is a crook.

Subpoena the Mueller Report yesterday, Dims! Subpoena Mueller! Hell, subpoena Barr hisself. Let’s find out what he is covering up. You know what to do: Find your representatives contact info in the Activism Tab above, call them and demand they subpoena the report.


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8 Responses to Come-on, Dems: Subpoena The Mueller Report YESTERDAY

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    I did, and the person I talked to said, “Thank you for taking an interest in this topic, and we’ll relay your request to Mr. Thompson (my Rep,) ASAP.” Just as if they were reading it from a script. I felt like saying, “Garsh, I bet you say that to ALL the cute guys like me.”


    • tengrain says:

      They actually do say that to all of us, DC, and then they put a hashmark in the pro-or-con column for the topic. I volunteered for my rep in California (Hi Zoe!) before I moved here, and that’s what we did. But it was counted.



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  2. FELINE MAMA says:

    You’d think that if the Mueller Report was so vindicative, the repukes would be falling all over Idiot Boy, his minions & themselves to let the whole world see it. How come, not??


  3. julesmomcat says:

    Rethugs: “IF we let daylight shine on Mueller’s report, it will become enflamed, and burn our asses!”

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  4. StringOnAStick says:

    Napolitano was on FOX saying the report is 700 pages and suggests conspiracy. How he knows this (other than it being bleeding fucking obvious) is a guess, but he dropped that on the nation’s strategic angry grandpa troops. I found that……..interesting.


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