Trump Spends That Political Capital


According to Axios’ morning email thingie, Prznint Stupid got the idea from his royal court eunuch Lindsey Graham that he has political capital to spend in the wake of the Bill Barr’s letter (enigmatic emboldening and use of bullets is theirs):

Over the weekend, Graham socialized with Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, and played golf with the president on Sunday. Graham said he told Trump several times after the Barr letter was released:

  • “You’re stronger today than any time since you’ve been elected. It legitimizes your election in the eyes of those who doubted.”
  • “This is sort of the first day of a new presidency. What are you going to do with it? How do you use this capital?”

And we have our answer!

The Affordable Care Act is under attack from the 4th Reich again, as CNN explains:

“The Trump administration on Monday said the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down, in a dramatic reversal.

In a filing with a federal appeals court, the Justice Department said it agreed with the ruling of a federal judge in Texas that invalidated the Obama-era health care law.

In a letter Monday night, the administration said “it is not urging that any portion of the district court’s judgment be reversed.”

“The Department of Justice has determined that the district court’s comprehensive opinion came to the correct conclusion and will support it on appeal,” said Kerri Kupec, spokesperson for the Justice Department.”

For those of us with memories of the recent election, Trump in particular campaigned for Republicans that they were protecting the law. So you know, another day.

The ruling by federal District Judge Reed O’Connor in Texas was thought to be politically motivated and was likely to be overturned on appeal.

And some more news on how Comrade Stupid is spending political capital!

Hair Füror wants to cut off as much federal aid to Puerto Rico as possible: 

“After initially vowing to reject the food stamp funding, President Trump has agreed to the emergency request to help SenateRepublicans pass a broader disaster relief package, which may be taken up for a vote this week.

“But at an Oval Office meeting on Feb. 22, Trump asked top advisers for ways to limit federal support from going to Puerto Rico, believing it is taking money that should be going to the mainland, according to senior administration officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share details of the presidents’ private remarks…

“Trump has also privately signaled he will not approve any additional help for Puerto Rico beyond the food stamp money, setting up a congressional showdown with Democrats who have pushed for more expansive help for the island.

“A senior administration official with direct knowledge of the meeting described Trump’s stance: “He doesn’t want another single dollar going to the island.”

It’s not like they are Americans or anything, right?

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8 Responses to Trump Spends That Political Capital

  1. JTO says:

    Since nobody is going to swoop in to save us, best to be ready to save ourselves.
    Being tired doesn’t matter. Being demoralized at the size and scope of the problem doesn’t matter.
    Being dumbstruck by the blatant corruption of the mess doesn’t matter.
    Losing weight is about burning more calories than you consume. That, and being hungry, alot. And changing your life. Getting into shape is about building muscles you don’t normally use. That, and being sore in very uncomfortable places, alot. And changing your life.
    Burning the Republican Party, its collaborators, its enablers, its media, its sponsors, its fellow-travellers to the ground is going to require that you change your life, and the lives of everyone around you. You will be pissed off and frustrated, alot.
    We are the 900-lb man who has grown into his bed – who paramedics and firemen have to remove from his room with a chainsaw and scissorlift.
    The situation is critical. This bile-filled cyst-cluster is going to refill. The doctors can lance it so it won’t kill us, but it will come back again and again until we get off our asses and put in the work every damned day.
    Any day you aren’t boicotting another Republican business, cutting another CO2 footprint from your life, or demanding that some asshole defend his stupid opinions with facts you aren’t changing a damned thing.
    Yes, you are tired. Yes, you are frustrated. Yes, Netflix is easy. Yes, it is hard to know what to do. Watch a commercial break on Fox and Friends, and then send your boicott email to them.
    Every day you are too tired, too depressed or too content to act, that is another day Linsey Graham, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell get another day ahead.

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  2. Yep, throwing people off of their insurance, running hospitals into the ground and cranking up the medical debt industry will be real popular with the voters, unless they’re already planning on just not listening to them in 2020…

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  3. julesmomcat says:

    As the song goes, “Everybody’s somebody’s fool; Everybody’s somebody’s plaything.” Lindsey Graham? S/He is Suckface’s plaything, until such time as Trumpty-Dumpty no longer needs him/her/it.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Even the insurance industry itself is against such a drastic move. Probably because without subsidies and such, fewer people will be purchasing policies, thereby cutting into the Bottom Line.

    And I made a comment about this in another posting, having seen that one before this one. Mea culpa.

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  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Simple bottom line for me: Without the ACA covering her cancer meds my wife dies.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      SL – it’s not so much that I like your comment as it’s relatable. Without the ACA I would have died 4 or 5 years ago, and it’s due to the Medicaid expansion that my coverage thru Kaiser is not just affordable, it’s rock-bottom pricing with almost top-tier coverage.

      Here’s to us defeating these assholes at every step, including the next election, and a wish for you and your loved ones to live long, happy & healthy lives.

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  6. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Thanks for the information on Puerto Rico. tRump hates brown people who do not kiss his ass.

    I needed ACA after I lost my insurance because I couldn’t work anymore. I need a lot of medical care. I would have been in serious jeopardy without the ACA. I no longer need it due to being on my spouse’s insurance and Medicare. I do not understand what drives these people to want to take healthcare away from people? They wouldn’t do that to their pets, but feel OK doing it to fellow humans? Hugs

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      Hi Scottie – Hair Furor hates brown people, period. Even if they kissed his ass in the middle of 5th Ave. at high noon, he would barely acknowledge it. In fact he would probly wipe it off, exclaiming, “Eewwww, cooties!” And as you know, I’m in a situation similar to yours, medically speaking, although I’m single. Best wishes,


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