The Second Act Begins

I Coludious
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I think pretty much we all knew that the Mueller Report was not going to end the 4th Reich; if it contained damning evidence that the Russian Usurper would only dig-in like a tick. Well, he’s still dug-in like a tick anyway, but his mostly legal problems are far from over.

Trump’s response: “It was a complete and total exoneration.” End of story? Not by a long shot

Vox breaks it down into several categories:

  • The hush money investigation
  • The Trump inaugural committee investigations
  • The top congressional inquiries
    • The House Russia and obstruction probes
    • White House security clearances
    • Trump’s tax returns
  • New York state-based investigations
    • The Trump Foundation
    • New York state tax investigations
    • Trump projects’ financing
  • Lawsuits
    • Summer Zervos’s defamation lawsuit
    • Emoluments lawsuit

I would like to pick a bone with Vox about calling the first bullet the hush money investigation. It actually is about campaign finance violations, which is a serious crime and has serious consequences as D’Vorce D’Spousa can attest. I think it is cheap and easy to focus in on Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal for wink-wink reasons, but it undermines how serious the crime actually is.

As we said yesterday, there is a difference between colluded with Russia and compromised by Russia, but these things have me confused:

  • According to a Mueller indictment of Roger Stone, Stone was in touch with senior Trump campaign officials about WikiLeaks e-mail dumps. There’s an unnamed individual who directed a senior Trump campaign official to “contact Stone about any additional releases and . . . other damaging information.”
  • And according to court filings, Paul Manafort passed polling data to Konstantin Kilimnik, who then very likely gave it to the troll farm so they could fine tune which states were more likely to be receptive to their disinformation messages.

So, I guess collusion is up for definition, and maybe I don’t understand it? Or maybe Barr was not looking at the smoke?

Hair Füror has put kids in cages. He’s sided with fine people on both sides (white supremacists). He’s imposed a quasi-religious test to keep Muslims from entering the United States. I don’t know if he is a racist, but I do know that admitted racists see him as one of their own.

In my opinion, he should be removed from office in handcuffs. It is clearer now than ever that the only chance we have is the 2020 Goat Rodeo. Everyone is needed to be on-deck for this. Whoever the Dim candidate is needs our support. This is not a drill.

I’ll also give my reluctant hat tip to Nancy Pelosi for throwing water on impeachment enthusiasm.

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10 Responses to The Second Act Begins

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    For most of the weekend I was as dejected and disgusted as I’ve ever been. How could Mueller do this to us? I kept wondering. But then a light slowly began to dawn, and I realized that while he might not be an International Grand Master at chess, he is certainly knowledgeable enough about how the war games in politics are played, and to return to the chess analogy, we are clearly NOT at the end-game stage yet.

    So I can continue to keep believing what my own eyes and ears are telling me, and although we almost certainly will have to wait till the 2020 Grand National Goat Rodeo occurs, I will optimistically keep my hopes up that at least SOME

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Whoa! All of a sudden, my missive just posted itself! But my hope is that at least SOME sane adults will be elected to the House & Senate, and Hair Furor will be ousted. And high on my wish list is a decent Dem, if one can be nominated to run.

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    Come on, cheeseberders!


  4. Yes, ” … collusion is up for definition” …. exactly, it’s a new definition because he (and they)(his family and staff) 100% colluded with the Russians to manipulate the 2016 POS (err, POTUS) election.
    Yes, yes -removed in handcuffs, a (burnt) toast & cheers with my coffee to either.
    …and finally, yes, Yes, YES! -we of the left NEED TO STICK TOGETHER at the polls!!!

    [Tengrain was here! – slight edit for eliminationist language… -TG]

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  5. MJG says:

    The report said they did not collude with the “Russian Government”. These things are done through 3rd parties and cutouts for plausable deniability and a level of seperation. We have not heard from (St.) Malcom yet, either.

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  6. FELINE MAMA says:

    Donnie, all the cards have not been turned over, yet. Ever play poker, cards in general. But, please keep your false sense of security, so, when the rug is pulled out from under you, we all can say, “neener, neener, neener”!!

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