The End of the Beginning

“Trust me, comrades, why would I lie?”

I want to note that today we know as much about the contents of the Mueller report as we knew last week or even last month. And so we’ve going from the Pot into the Pan. (See what I did there?)

Axios has a bit in their morning email thingie, that while not exactly a smoking gun, does give some context to cheer us up (emboldening theirs, as well as enigmatic bullets):

President Trump’s legal and political pursuers will hardly back off based on the Mueller report. Consider what else is ramping up:

  • House Democrats, despite their leaders’ quest to slow things down, remain thirsty to begin impeachment proceedings. The House investigations are designed to make a maximum public splash and make the maximum amount of information public.
  • The House Judiciary Committee is prepared to issue subpoenas to enforce its document demands sent to 81 people, agencies and entities tied to the president, including relatives, aides, friends and business partners.
  • Of the 17 Trump and Russia investigations that Garrett M. Graff outlined in WIRED in December, only seven were by Mueller. The rest were by other state and federal entities that continue their work. And that was before Democrats took over the House and got subpoena power.
  • Outside pressure will rise from Tom Steyer and other Democrats with big bank accounts and big platforms.

Be smart: Pelosi’s opposition to impeachment + Trump’s shield of no collusion indictments = The high likelihood his fate will be settled on Election Day.

The third bullet point is the really important one to me. There is so much more to come, and from so many other entities. We have a lot of eggs in a lot of baskets.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff  said they would call Mueller to testify, but did not say that it would be a public testimony. I think that there will be a public AND private testimony. Schiff is no dummy. I got some quatloos riding on that.

As the cliché goes, this is the end of the beginning. There is so much more to come.

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10 Responses to The End of the Beginning

  1. roket says:

    There is dirt under all of Trump’s rugs (see what I did there?) so it’s pretty much a given that more new and improved charges are to be expected. After all, they’re not called the Trump Crime Family for nuttin.


    • Astamari says:

      I saw what you did there but didn’t actually get what Tengrain “did there”. Maybe I’m being too dense.


      • tengrain says:

        I’ll help you, Astamari!

        Instead of from the Pot into the Fire, (because we don’t anything and nothing changed), it’s from the pot into the pan; or from the pot into the other pot…

        It’s a dumb family joke I grew up with; this is how all the ‘Grains roll.



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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Subpoenas? HAH! It is to laugh. These guys will just ignore subpoena after subpoena, exactly like they did the “polite requests” that asked for info regarding JarJar’s security clearance, among other queries. After all, what can they do? ARREST someone for contempt? Beg the SCOTUS for help?

    And after watching Dumpy bitching about McCain’s ghost, we can’t even call Ghostbusters.


    • Astamari says:

      The penalty for ignoring a Congressional subpoena is 1 year in the cooler and up to $1000 in fines. I’m guessing almost all of the documents won’t be subject to executive privilege. So Nadler should immediately issue subpoenas for the non-compliers. Don’t even wait for the Mueller report. Time’s wasting.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        Yes, but how do you intend to ENFORCE the Law, and impose that particular penalty? The research I’ve done on this topic – and it wasn’t prodigious by any means – brought me to the conclusion that the only Agency that has Powers of Arrest either on the White House grounds, or in either of the Congressional buildings is the Secret Service. And since they take their orders directly from the Preznit, I highly doubt if such an order would be forthcoming.
        Of course, subpoenas that are intended to be served on persons involved in any lawbreaking, (such as ignoring a Congressional subpoena,) could be served on them once they are outside the boundaries of the above-mentioned “protected areas.”

        Let the popcorn-munching commence forthwith.


  3. w3ski4me says:

    I will always remember “Sgt Schulz: I know nuthink”. About where we all are right now.


  4. 9thousandfeet says:

    Well, like I said just the other day, now that the Mueller thing is completed without any of the Trump crime family being indicted (which has been the expectation among among the online liberal commentariat as well as the prediction of no small number of media talking heads) Dem hopes and dreams will switch to the various House Committees. And behold, it’s happening here and in every direction you look today.

    Again, the sparser the truly compelling evidence of wrongdoing from Mueller, the more powerful the narrative about a deep state witch hunt with regard to ongoing investigations by the House and SDNY etc becomes, and the more fodder there is for the fascist agitprop characterizing the whole thing as an attempted coup.

    If the evidence from Mueller doesn’t present unambiguous and dispositive evidence of “collusion” on Trump’s part, that’s Trump personally now, the administration will have the ammo to tell the various investigating committees to go fuck themselves and just wad any subpoenas up and throw them in the waste basket. That could easily tie the whole thing up in the judicial system until the next election, with Trump campaigning on the narrative that Mueller cleared him and the whole thing is a really, no joke, a deep state bullshit scheme.

    Yes, we don’t know what’s in the Mueller report, nor do we yet know if we’ll ever know, but if it ain’t something big enough that it fingers Trump personally, and with absolutely zero plausibility to any claims of vindication, we’re fucked.

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    • Astamari says:

      By now, Trump will have been given the basic headlines (he wouldn’t understand anything else) by Barr and, reportedly, down at Merde-a-Lardo he was uncharacteristically subdued. I don’t know know any more than anyone else in the non-Mueller world but if he was totally cleared, he would be going crazy on social media (well Twitter). I’m guessing there’s some serious damaging stuff in there.
      A minimum, we already know he is an unindicted co-conspirator on multiple campaign finance violations. I’m guessing there’s more. After Trump, I’m most interested in Dumbass, Jr. and Jared.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        And if the report contains a list of items or areas that require further investigation by the SDNY or the US Attorney for NY, then tRump could quite possibly build large portions of his Wall from the bricks he must be shitting.

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