Stable Genius Nominates Drooling Moron To Fed

Our stable genius, Comrade Stupid, appointed another toady and minion to the board of the Federal Reserve: The Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore. Moore, charitably speaking, is a drooling moron:

“Moore has bounced around elite GOP circles over the decades as a sort of economic apparatchik and hack-for-hire. In 1999 he co-founded the Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group that pushes for tax cuts, and served as its president until an angry group of board members booted him from the organization. He landed at the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board and later became “chief economist” at the Heritage Foundation, despite his lack of a Ph.D. (These days, he’s a “distinguished visiting fellow” there.) Through his years of preaching tax cuts and deregulation as the one true path to growth, he’s acquired a reputation among economists a bit of a “clown,“ as Paul Krugman’s put it—predicting that Bill Clinton’s tax hikes would bring disaster (they didn’t), that George W. Bush’s tax cuts would bring prosperity (they didn’t), and that Barack Obama’s policies were setting us up for ’70s-style stagflation (they didn’t). In one amusing incident, he managed to get banned from the pages of the Kansas City Star after one of his syndicated columns turned out to be factually impaired. He and supply-side guru Art Laffer were also key advisers behind Kansas’ fiscally and politically disastrous tax cuts. In spite of his own track record of failed predictions, he has disparaged Keynesian macroeconomics as “witchcraft.” Moore is, in other words, a bog-standard Republican commentator whose actual forays into policy have been a hash.”

Justin Wolfers, who’s Twitter bio reads: Professor @UMichEcon & @FordSchool | @NYTimes contributor | Visiting Prof @USydneyEcon | Senior Fellow @BrookingsInst & @PIIE, has sumpin’ to say about this nomination, too. Also:

That last Tweet is gonna leave a mark.

But it was not just Wolfers! As Wolfers said, ask any economist…

Tim Duy, an economics professor and a Fed expert at the University of Oregon, told the NYTimes:

“Stephen Moore is a particularly poor choice for the Federal Reserve Board. He appears more devoted to pursuing a far-right economic agenda than willing to understand the complexity of economic policy.”

Moore has said that everyone at the Fed should be fired for raising interest rates, which sounds kinda familiar! Hmmm… I’ll give you one guess how Moore got the nod from our stable genius (Emphasis mine):

“Moore, who isn’t a Ph.D. economist but holds a master of arts degree in the discipline, got on Trump’s radar with a March 13 Wall Street Journal column he co-authored that championed Trump’s policies and blamed the Fed for slowing the economy. Trump’s chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow showed the op-ed to Trump over lunch last week, according to two people familiar with the matter.

“Trump remarked to Kudlow that he should have appointed Moore to be Fed chairman, the people said, and directed Kudlow to call Moore and gauge his interest in a board seat. This week, Trump called Moore himself and asked if he’d accept a nomination to the board.”


Well, the Senate has to confirm Moore, but as we know they would confirm any drooling fucknuckle that Comrade Stupid nominates to any post, but it will be amusing (in a Sick, Sad World kinda way) to see Susan Collins et al express their concerns before caving outta fear they might be the subject of a bullying tweet.

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10 Responses to Stable Genius Nominates Drooling Moron To Fed

  1. Redhand says:

    “Only the best people” in Trump-world means crackpots who share his idiotic views. He’s not just a criminal; he’s a fool.

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  2. roket says:

    If I didn’t know any better, I would say that their intention is to destroy the economy.


    • tengrain says:

      I don’t. If there’s one thing I believe in after the inevitability of Death and Taxes, it’s that Republicans would sell their mothers for a dime.

      Comrade Stupid only cares about himself, and money. I think this nomination is more about having someone who agrees with him, another courtier and toady, to tell him he’s brilliant.



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      • Dennis Cole says:

        Besides, as well – Stephen’s the kinda guy who will enthusiastically agree with Dumpy every time he blames the Fed for lackluster economic performance, as he’s already demonstrated. After all, such cheerleading will almost certainly guarantee him being eventually elevated to the Fed Chair position.

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  3. YellowDog says:

    Was this guy so bad that even FBN wouldn’t touch him? Regardless, it’s all part of the Foxifuckation of the gubmint.

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  5. Bruce388 says:

    The joke of a president nominated a joke for the Fed. Moore has appeared on Bill Maher’s show several times. Besides the usual right wing drivel, he is just one weird dude. Laughs at his own jokes that aren’t remotely funny.

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  6. MDavis says:

    Stephen says “China is a very dangerous country” to justify tariffs, even as Trump was playing footsie with Russia, North Korea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia…

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  7. Astamari says:

    As it so happens, I am an environmental economist with a DPhil (UK university so different terminology) and I have seen Moore on the TV several times. He is a troll, nothing moore (see what I did there?). I actually think even this Republican Senate will refuse to confirm him. But, if he actually makes it to the Fed, I guarantee you he will be utterly shunned and ignored by the rest of the Board. They don’t tolerate bullshit appointments.

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