New Zealand Shows Us How

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New Zealand is banning military-style semi-automatic weapons following the Christchurch terror attack. The government will also introduce a gun buy-back scheme.

Six days after 50 people were killed as they attended two mosques, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the ban.

This could be us if our politicians only had the backbone. We are so eff’ed in the dark.

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8 Responses to New Zealand Shows Us How

  1. 9thousandfeet says:

    No, it really couldn’t be us, backbones or not.
    NZ can implement a buyback scheme that will be effective because they have a firearm license requirements, thus a record of who has acquired those weapons.
    We don’t, and people would thus be able to ignore such a scheme. The US government has no really accurate data on who owns what.

    For heaven’s sake, the nation already has scores of County Sheriff’s refusing to enforce some of the new and relatively milquetoast laws as things stand now, no small number of them in your State of Washington. There’s no immediate medicine for that outside of crazy and draconian authoritarian overreach on the part of either the State government or the Feds.

    Go ahead Dems, keep hammering away at this and ratchet up the chances of putting Trump back in the WH for four more. Oh, and abandon any hopes of a meaningful majority in the Senate, too.
    Most Americans favor universal background checks, and on a good day they might also go for magazine capacity restrictions on new sales, but that’s about it.
    There ain’t going to be any buybacks that aren’t 100% voluntary, and there ain’t going to be any retroactive illegality on existing weapons, with or without the NRA. Not in any of our lifetimes.

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    • The TSKoA legislature passed a law banning the destruction of firearms seized by the police or turned in voluntarily. They have to be put back on the market…

      Sing it with me 🎵Ev’ry gun is sacred! Ev’ry gun divine!🎵

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    • Astamari says:

      Also, NZ doesn’t have a Constitutional right to bear arms (even if that constitutional provision was deliberately misconstrued by our reactionary SCOTUS). So, yes, guns aren’t going away no matter how many people are murdered with them.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    I gotta agree with 9TF here. We have so many Ammosexuals and Gundamentalists here in the good ol’ Us of A, fortified by the NRA, which organization also helps bend the ears and fill the pocketbooks of a majority of our congress-critters, that they can blithely ignore the will of We the People, and in fact thwart it and act in direct opposition to it. They don’t seem to mind that Dumpy et al are coming for Granny’s Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, just don’t make even a feeble attempt</b at doing ANYTHING about the proliferation of weapons that have only one purpose: wholesale slaughter.

    We have real. actual emergencies these days: thousands upon thousands of deaths from opioids and deranged gun-nuts, and we’re helpless to accomplish even getting our voices heard. And a preznit who’s so stupid that he keeps fighting with a dead guy – and LOSING!

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Ooops! got a bit carried away with the bolding, lol. I’ll feel a lot better when I get done detoxing.

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  4. tengrain says:

    9K et al –

    Yes, I have heard about the Second Amendment, believe it or not.

    Look, my point is that NZ is addressing the problem more than just Tweeting out Hopes and Prayers. I know no one except me wants to grab guns. But if I were king of the forest…

    I remember one year in California we had a buy-back, no questions asked, and people came out of the woodwork with all sorts of guns, many of them illegal (seriously, machine guns, and I think that there was at least on bazooka), unregistered guns, Saturday Night Specials, and so on. I think that they had to stop the program because they were running out of money.

    Anyway, I think a buy-back could be a start.



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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Yes, TG – I remember that. In fact, there were TWO buybacks:

    And since that one went so well, they staged another, in 2014, only this one included SF, LA, San Josey and Sacratomato.

    And I seem to recall a bit of a scandal involving the second one. The guns were supposed to be melted down and turned into a statue depicting the grisly aftermath of gun-related violence, but the tally camre up just a little short, and some police officers lost their jobs after being accused of selling some of the guns on the black market, or to collectors. That’s right – they went back into the hands of criminals.

    Is this a great country, or what?


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