Merde-a-Lardo a Go-Go In The News

insights into Comrade Stupid is big bidness.

Cindy Yang, the reach-around maven (ALLEGEDLY!) behind Floriduh’s rub-n-tug to the stars day spa, want us to know that Prznint Stupid will MAGA:

“I totally believed he’s a business person. I’m a small business person too. I believe that we will make America great again. “

“and again, and again, and again,” she did not add.

OK that was a cheap shot. But surely (Shirley?) there must be other notable people who attend events at Stupid’s big bordello, Merde-a-Lardo?

“Although the identity of Mar-a-Lago’s members is a carefully guarded secret and the Secret Service claims not to keep lists of visitors, a quick search on Instagram for photos geotagged at Mar-a-Lago or with #maralago returns tens of thousands of posts, with many of the photos taken inside the club.

“Among those posting: Royals, Russian celebs, hedge-funders, Fox News personalities along with two Brits dubbed the “Bad Boys of Brexit” who caught the attention of investigators in the U.K. and special counsel Robert Mueller III probing Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and Brexit vote.”

…and the Palm Beach Report article goes into detail on who these people are, but the most damning is the story of how part of Mel’s Excellent Foreign Adventure included a visit with someone who bought a ticket to an event at Merde-a-Lardo, which is pretty much the definition of pay-to-play.

(I think copying and pasting would not be fair use. Go read it.)

Of course, all of this is returning to the front pages because Comrade Stupid wants Yang’s #1 best customer Bob Kraft to visit the White House when the New England Patriots come for their hamberders:

“President Donald Trump wants Kraft to join his players at the White House this spring for a celebration of their February Super Bowl victory, a prospect that has White House aides worried that it could turn a feel-good photo op into an embarrassing media spectacle.”

We wonder if Tom Brady will miss the gala again. You bet.

Anyway, we’ve noted before that the business model for Merde-a-Lardo is exactly the same as Cindy’s other side hustle (where she sells access to Prznint Trump), it’s just that the picture you end up with is a mug shot and not a selfie.

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8 Responses to Merde-a-Lardo a Go-Go In The News

  1. Nangleator says:

    We ain’t ever getting the corruption and greed and evil out of those accursed acres, not even long after the current generation is dead and buried. Our great grandchildren will set horror movies in the haunted remains of Marred Lego.

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  2. MDavis says:

    What kind of statement does it make when Brady thinks you’re too corrupt to associate with him? And after those nice judges ruled in his favor, too.


  3. roket says:

    A no phone rule I assume would be futile. Merde-a-Lardo a Go-Go would have to pry those phones out of the cold dead hands of all those narcissists. Strike that pose and share to your heart’s content, baby.


    • MDavis says:

      I think I just read that there is a no-phone rule. Visitors are required to put their phones into a sealed bag with some sort of shielding woven in and get them back when they leave. So I read.


      • tengrain says:

        That’s at his private talks with donors. Them republicans is learnin’ new trix, they is!




      • MDavis says:

        Oooh, yeah, that was it. And I prolly read it here.
        But phones will be fine next time he has a foreign leader in the house or next time he’s there and a crisis breaks out. Figures.


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