Comrade Stupid Learns New Word, Uses It!

Blood is the harvest

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) tells us the secret plan that Comrade Stupid is going to use in the 2020 Goat Rodeo:

“President Donald Trump has enlisted his senior economic advisers to flesh out one of his early 2020 presidential campaign themes: Socialism is coming. In recent months, traditionally staid official White House economic reports and briefings have begun to emphasize the potentially massive costs of an ambitious socialist agenda and warn that America could transform into a Cold War dystopia.

“While last year’s Economic Report to the President, a congressionally mandated annual summary of the state of the economy, didn’t once mention ‘socialism,’ the word appears more than 100 times in this year’s 700-page-plus tome. The 2019 report, released earlier this week, features an entire chapter on the subject, which includes a recounting of the economic fallout from socialist experiments in China, the Soviet Union and Cuba. … The messaging — which Democrats call preposterously exaggerated — marks a remarkable synergy in the themes being discussed among both Trump’s economic and campaign teams.

“It also marks a compromise between Trump advisers who have long wanted him to spend more time touting positive economic news and Trump’s fear-based rhetoric about his rivals. During last fall’s midterm election campaign, some Trump advisers wanted him to talk less about immigration and more about job growth, low unemployment numbers or manufacturing.”

“Many hectares of beet harvest, best in decade, comrades. Starvation will be minimal.”

Look, it’s ridiculous that the Republicans in 2019 are using a 1950s John Birch Society, cold war messaging against the Democrats. But more to the point and Politico doesn’t touch it, this is an official report to the Congress, and it is full of political positioning. I hope someone in authority points that out. I don’t know if Congress has to accept this report of if they can reject it as so much manure for the beet field.

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8 Responses to Comrade Stupid Learns New Word, Uses It!

  1. 9thousandfeet says:

    I think the scale of the relentless mendacity and misrepresentation we’re about to be subjected to this election cycle will leave even those of us expecting it absolutely gobsmacked.
    And also furious about how effective it’s likely to be with regard to fulfilling Vlad’s dreams of division and chaos. We’re in a place now where the things that Trump will have to do—and will try to do in order to try saving himself and his odious family—are precisely the things Vlad would like to have happen, and I don’t see any way to prevent that now.

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    • Astamari says:

      Well, I still am not sure Trump will be mentally or physically fit enough to actually run a campaign or whether even most corporate, suburban GOP voters would be willing to vote for him. We know for a virtual certainty he would not survive another four-year term.
      On the issue in question, all Republican president economic reports to the Congress are barely disguised propaganda just as GOP Congressional economic and debt assumptions are patently absurd as the CBO is always showing.

      The problem for the GOP is that an ever-increasing number of voters don’t understand why yelling socialism is a positive when in fact the specific proposals being labelled as socialist are popular. This is especially the case when it is Trump making these calls since he has zero credibility outside of his base.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Now if only Devin Nunes’s Cow can produce enough sour cream, everyone’s Borscht bowl will be overflowing.

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  3. tomshefchik says:

    Let me guess. The “report” also mentioned the dangers of fake news and illegal voting by MS-13, am I right?

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    • MDavis says:

      Also how sad it is to vaccinate little tiny children and calling on neo-Nazis to protect and defend their Homeland from invaders.
      Also, ironically, mentioning sh*thole (that’s how it’s spelled now, right?) countries that have rampant disease, rigged voting, propaganda instead of news and allow extremists to run things


  4. roket says:

    It becomes fairly obvious when the authors of this report use China, the Soviet Union and Cuba as examples of socialism that they have no frigging clue what socialism is. Add democratic socialism to the mix and you’ve created a bridge too far for their understanding. Or more likely, willingness to accept.


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