We’re Doomed: Comrade Trump To Save Auto Industry

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Tiger Beat:

“President Donald Trump heads to Ohio Wednesday embroiled in a fight with General Motors and the United Auto Workers over the closing of GM’s Lordstown plant. But his attempts to save manufacturing jobs have battered the auto industry and could erode his loyal base in the Midwest.

“Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum have cost Ford and GM about $1 billion each. GM Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra cited the tariffs in November when she announced the 14,000 job cuts that included the Lordstown plant’s shuttering. Potentially making things even worse, Trump is now weighing new tariffs on foreign automobiles that could threaten hundreds of thousands of additional U.S. jobs.”

Prznint McDeals is going to try his singular negotiating style (singular because it probably has only worked once) to save these jobs in Possum Hollar, in a swing state that he needs in 2020. Dawg only knows that prep work he’s done (none) and what deal sweetener he will bring to the meeting (none; he’s gonna wing it).

The problem is that Stupid has a no grasp of macroeconomics, let alone what his tariffs have done. The closing of the Lordstown plant is because GM has already lost more than $1 billion due to the Comrade Stupid’s trade war. The $1 billion loss is from the increased cost of aluminum and other raw materials that are imported by American automakers.

And he’s about to make it worse: read the last sentence in the quote.

Preznint Art of the Deal is gonna hurt American workers who build foreign cars in the US, and he is going to encourage retaliation against Ford, GM, Tesla, etc. when they try to sell their cars overseas. It’s the perfect shitstorm.


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8 Responses to We’re Doomed: Comrade Trump To Save Auto Industry

  1. As much as I enjoy watching people who voted for President Stupid suffering, the economic effects of the idiocy will affect us all. As some say, “The stupid, it hurts.” Maybe voters in Wisconsin (my state), Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania will wise up for 2020. Don’t bet the rent, though.


    • I don’t know about the rest, but I’m fairly confident that 75% of Wisconsin voters will vote against him…which likely means he’ll carry the state, if last November’s Banana Cheese Republic kind of “election” you had is repeated. I just read that D’s got something like 68% of the vote, which meant that the R’s won 54% of the state house… You guys were well and truly hosed.

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      • Gerrymandering did not help the Walker People in the statewide races. In the State Senate and Assembly races, we were truly fucked in the dark! Yesterday our new State AG pulled Wisconsin out of some egregious anti-abortion bills in other states.

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  2. And Possum Hollar will eat.it.up.like.ice.cream. Fer fucks sake; I don’t know about today, but yustabee that every Honda Accord and Goldwing in the world was made in Marysville OH.

    But this is what you get for hiring a cokehead* shoutypants from Fox for your ‘economic’ adviser.

    *(And not even a competent cokehead. Based on what I’ve read of his snorting days, he was paying dimebag “Local Police announce seizure of fifteen grams, or $1.2 million street value” pricing on ounces, because if he was paying wholesale prices on the thousands and thousands of dollars a month he was allegedly doing, he’d be dead, because that’s “Al Pacino motorboating a mountain of coke” quantities.)

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    • Pyed says:

      The Tangerine Twatwaffle probably uses the same method of estimating his cocaine habit as he does to estimate his financial worth.


  3. MDavis says:

    I keep thinking that aluminum recycling will come back due to the tariffs, but there is no place to recycle around here. Unless you give it away or drive 60 miles. (120 round trip)


  4. paul fredine says:

    yeah, yeah, yeah. when he’s not obsessing over a dead senator, he promises things, they fall apart and he blames it all on ‘the other guy’ before doubling down and truly screwing us all….twice….while his supporters cheer and pull their blindfolds tighter, put their fingers in their ears because ‘fake news’ is hazardous to their health (unlike climate change and guns). that’s called ‘just another day for donny’. my question is what does that car have to do with the simpsons or does the japanese version more resemble the jetsons.

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