Guns & Religion

You WILL improve your posture!

A gunman carrying military-style weapons opened fire on two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, killing at least 49 people on Friday, a day many Muslims gather for prayers.

A man who claimed responsibility for the shootings left a 74-page anti-migrant manifesto, and the gunman appears to have posted video of part of the attack on social media. I do not plan to find it.

Officials say three men and one woman were taken into custody and that police defused a number of improvised explosive devices found on vehicles as well.

I’m never sure which is more deadly: guns or religious hatred? But we do know that together they are a toxic combo. Fanatics come in all flavors: today it is anti-Muslim, previously we in the US had a mass shooting in a black church, more recently in a synagogue, so who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Our sympathies go to Muslims world wide today, and we are especially sorry for New Zealanders.

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  1. In a black church, more recently in a synagogue, and now this. This is the sad result of stuff that was first scattered in seeds in the immediate post 9/11 era. And here we are today. White hatred is the problem – the hatred of whites who hate everyone else. It is disgusting.


  2. The terrorist (he’s not a fucking ‘gunman’ let’s start calling it radical white supremacist terrorism, to borrow a phrase) explicitly cites Trump and Anders Brevik in his manifesto.

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  3. buckobear says:

    Great pic. Probably more effective than that ruler on the knuckles, eh?

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    • keef says:

      I first saw this pic with a caption “Abdul was greatly suprised when he got to paradise and saw his virgins waiting for him.”


  4. roket says:

    What hath God Donnie Fester wrought? May as well expect retaliation for this one.


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